Chapter 7 - 342

16th Mar 2008

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Author's Comments:

Reply Enkida, 16th Mar 2008

RRWOOR! And I finally get to introduce my absolute favourite original character in the entire comic. I've been waiting 342 pages for this, haha! :)

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User's Comments:

Reply Devi (Guest), 16th Mar 2008

Omigosh, I'm dying from cute! Little firecat finds his roar! ^_^

P.S. Cute incentive too - that's one lucky chocobo toy!

Reply Acerynn (Guest), 16th Mar 2008

OMIGOSH OMIGOSH OMIGOSH. He is so freaking CUTE. Seriously, just looking at him makes me smile!

Reply Death_Penalty (Guest), 16th Mar 2008

awesome page I love this page, the little fire cat's "roar" was awesome :D

Reply andygoth, 16th Mar 2008

It was worth the wait.

I'm getting a definite "Simba" vibe off this little fellow, and that is awesome. :^)

Reply KaiKudo, 16th Mar 2008

AWWWWWWWWW that is so cute XD

Reply Anonymous (Guest), 16th Mar 2008

redkid is now simba sup lion king

Reply Klebkatt (Guest), 16th Mar 2008

I've been waiting forever for him too ^^ just as cute as I imagened. The only problem I see this being for the comic is that you choose to have Red's race a normal fire red color, which I think will make things problemantic.

And by problemantic, I mean that the cubs are all the same color as Nanaki, so it'll be hard to tell them appart and I just know I'm going to look at close ups of the cubs (like this one) and think, "Wow, Red XIII looks great! ...Oh wait, that's a cub..."

Reply Alice_1610, 16th Mar 2008

Love Vincent's glare.

...I want to grab his tail. It's so... swishy.

Reply Ruins (Guest), 16th Mar 2008

Ridiculously cute One question:
..Can I keep him? Pwease?

Reply Snickerer (Guest), 16th Mar 2008

Ohdeargods. So. Insanely. /Adorable/.
No /wonder/ you like and anticipated the little guy so much! :D

Reply Aya (Guest), 16th Mar 2008

So cute! Omg!!! He's so cute! I just want to huggle him to death!

Reply Winged Knight (Guest), 17th Mar 2008

You tell him Yuffie! Yeah, we're not. Not inherently anyway.

I want to pet the little kitten, but he'd probably bite my fingers off.

Reply Zequr (Guest), 17th Mar 2008

This most be the cutest page in history ^^

Reply JC... (Guest), 17th Mar 2008

Yuffie's and Vinnie's faces in the second panel... I love them! x3

Reply Rose (Guest), 17th Mar 2008

awww that second panel is so cute ^__^

Reply Mitani, 17th Mar 2008

*dies from a cuteness overload and giggle fit*

Reply Sephalthos (Guest), 17th Mar 2008

Served Looks like to me, yuffie got told off by a little red kitty cat, well done upon the artwork, glad to see it is still improving, little by little.

Reply Kitty Silver, 17th Mar 2008

Cutest page ever! :D I can really tell you've been practicing your cats. Been referencing them from books or from household kitty?

Runaway cub! There are cheekpinching fans here.

Reply Kadamon (Guest), 17th Mar 2008

Wow... This makes me want to play FF7 all over again. >_>

Reply Lionheart (Guest), 17th Mar 2008

I'm in ur dowjin, charmin ur wimmin. Awesome page. Kittens are great for charming everyone, not just the ladies.

Reply Sunshine (Guest), 17th Mar 2008

I have to say - I read your story months ago on ffnet, and ever since I have been eagerly awaiting this part of the saga. Possibly not as much as you have, Enkida, but darn close, I think!


Reply Sunshine (Guest), 17th Mar 2008

Oh, and Enkida? Could I make an incentive request? I've become a fan of "", which Lionheart just referenced in his comment...

Would it be possible to make an incentive with Yuffie and the little charmer (Possibly even with Vincent in the background doing his oh-so-great death glare) with this caption? It would be adorable!

I'm in ur dowjin, charmin ur wimmin.

Reply andygoth, 17th Mar 2008

Transcription progress Komi Y Tsuku, how are the transcriptions coming along? You know, you're welcome to send each page's transcription to Enkida and me as you finish it; by no means do you have to wait until you're all done. Also you can send updates and corrections at any time; we'll be happy to incorporate them.

I'm posting this message here because I don't have your email address and because you're not a registered Smack Jeeves user. Once you send the first email, we can continue this discussion in private without bothering the other readers. You can find my email address on my profile page; just click my name below this comment.

Reply Neph (Guest), 17th Mar 2008

ROWWRR!! Awwww.... first he's all expectant looking, and then lookit him, he's so proud of himself! ^____^ He's adorable!!!

Vincent is just looking at him like, "I don't know who you are or what you're doing, but just get out of my face." :P

Swish swish!

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 17th Mar 2008

^_^ Oh my god! He's so cute!! (ten points to my comment for originality!)

Is his name Simba? XD

Reply Kitty Silver, 18th Mar 2008

incentives What happened to the list of incentives fans asked? I think there were still that weren't done.

Reply andygoth, 18th Mar 2008

The most recent incentive request list (that I know of) can be found here:

Reply CaroShadow (Guest), 18th Mar 2008

aawwwww ^.^
way kyute

Reply CaroShadow (Guest), 18th Mar 2008

aawwwww ^.^
way kyute

Reply Kiki (Guest), 18th Mar 2008

awww This little Fella is so sweet. I like his roar :D

Reply AerithHeartilly (Guest), 18th Mar 2008

Move over Simba! There's a new lion king in town. =)
Seriously, adorable page- it made me go SQUEEE!

Reply Chelsea (Guest), 22nd Mar 2008

It's SIMBA! XD He's practicing his a crater/canyon thing. Uh-oh. RUN NANAKI!

Reply nanaki (Guest), 16th Apr 2008

This paqe is so cute :3
You cam alternate your art between cute, frightening and romantic so well.

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