Chapter 7 - 343

25th Mar 2008

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Reply Enkida, 18th Mar 2008

Bleh This page was cleaned up and partially coloured by KoShiatar, thanks for all that hard work! :-) I feel kinda bad about my colouring job because her inking cleanup was really nice.

If I am getting better at cat drawing it is luck and practice. I sketch at zoos and have photos to work with sometimes, but for the most part I remain violently allergic to anything with fur. I reference canines just as often as felines to make the Gi.

Re Incentives: I don't have time to make a new request or fill the old requests right now, sorry. ^^; I think everyone would prefer if I concentrate on doing the comic than the vote incentives anyway, right? :)

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User's Comments:

Reply Naya, 18th Mar 2008

Daw I love the likkle kiddy x3 Whats hiz names? :3

Reply Mitani, 18th Mar 2008

i just had to laugh at this page i loved it.. and i just missed out on the first comment... aww oh well im still happt theres an update ^^

and i love the second pannel ^^

Reply Devi (Guest), 18th Mar 2008

This is lovely. IMHO, it's also timed just right in regards with its placement in the story - I think we could all use some comic relief and extra cuteness after (in between) the heavy stuff with Nanaki. (Not that the heavy stuff isn't great as well, mind.)

And of course, I love the "scared/petrified" allusion. *g*

P.S. Feel better!

Reply andygoth, 18th Mar 2008

I can't wait to see panel #1 colored. I love those goofy Anime expressions.

Reply Zequr (Guest), 18th Mar 2008

The third picture, when Yuffie says she was scared, is very well drawn! You're really improving your skills! Keep it up, as I love this comic.

Reply Klebkatt (Guest), 18th Mar 2008

Are those other cubs in the background of the last panel? If so, I love the one going ^^.


I hope you feel better. You really should take better care of yourself, as it seems that every time you turn around, you catch a cold again. :(

Reply andygoth, 18th Mar 2008

timmy123455 I like your avatar image. Last Christmas I bought a red and black Nintendo DS for one of my brothers, and I gave him a copy of Metroid Zero Mission to go with it. He told me that his young daughters love to watch (and help!) him play. "That monster looks awesome, but I want to see what it's like when it's FROZEN! Shoot it, Dad!"

Reply Naleh (Guest), 19th Mar 2008

OMGSOCUTE!!! Sorry....cuteness-overload! That little cub ish so precious, I think I shall dub his scruffy! And he shall be mine, and we will have tea parties in fancy outfits. And I shall cuddle him all day long and... *drones on about the cuteness for the rest of this update*

Reply Guest, 19th Mar 2008

Vincent's eyebrow.

That is all.

Reply TionneStrife (Guest), 19th Mar 2008

Vincent is hot I love the expression on Vince's face in the second panel... he looks really awesome, like... all knowing or something sexy like that... mucho bueno chica!

Reply KnightLight (Guest), 19th Mar 2008

I remember that line! "...petrified."

Reply Selun-chen, 19th Mar 2008

You've melted my heart :D

Reply Guest, 19th Mar 2008

I love Vincent in the last panel.

Reply Rose (Guest), 19th Mar 2008

LOL I love the look Vince is giving to Yuff in the second panel.
That cub keeps getting cuter with each panel.

Reply SillyRiRi, 19th Mar 2008

The cuteness of this page is so cute that I can't stop using the word cute. =O Shocking.

Reply kiki (Guest), 19th Mar 2008

awww I Love Vincent in the last panel xD
ant this little Fella is sooo cute ^.^

Reply KoShiatar, 19th Mar 2008

Proposal Lately I've been wanting to try to ink and color one of your pages. This way you could have a colored page even if you are sick! ;) Would you like me to?

I too think you're getting better with cats, especially looking at your sketches; what you need to do is to get a hand a bit firmer when inking. If you need models there are LOTS of house cat photos and videos everywhere on the Internet... I'm sure you can find something that suits you. The muscles and postures are pretty much the same after all. ;)

Reply Enkida, 19th Mar 2008

That is a deal, thank you very much! It is also a big help right now ^__^; Can you PM me your email address so I can send you a higher-resolution scan of the drawing w.out text boxes?

PS Woo now I have 38.7 fever! DX

Reply Casseh Valentine, 19th Mar 2008

Second Pannel! OMG, Vincent in the second pannel was like, *drool*

And that cat gets cuter and cuter!

Reply CaroShadow (Guest), 19th Mar 2008

aaawww luv the lttl kitty
yuffie's being nice to the kitty ^.^

Reply Sephalthos (Guest), 19th Mar 2008

Level 40 It seems you have leveled up Enkida, in terms of drawing the characters better in basic drawing starting points.

Once again, well done, I knew that eventually, if you kept on going in this project of yours, you could have the potential to draw as good as some mid-level/high-level anime artists.

Hope to see more improvements in the future, as the story continues, Enkida.

Reply KlebKatt (Guest), 19th Mar 2008

Shoot! and here I was going to ask if coloring the image with photoshop would be okay. Oh well, I guess I'll still do it if only for pratice.

I wish the other 4 cubs were drawn in though.

Reply andygoth, 19th Mar 2008

Yay me :^) I bought a house today. The closing is all done, and I have the key in my pocket. See pictures and commentary here:

Yeah, I know this has nothing to do with the comic. Sorry about that. :^)

Oh, and KlebKatt, I have colored in a few pages using The GIMP, which is a program much like Photoshop. No one has complained. :^) Find them by searching for "goth" in the Growth search engine. I'm also working on another one, but it has been coming slowly because of other obligations.

Reply Vincent (Guest), 20th Mar 2008

Vincent.. ..Looks kinda cool in the second panel. ps.Yuffie is Really Cute in the third panel.

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 21st Mar 2008

aaawwwwww vincent's looks and facial expressions were absolutely perfect in all the panels he was in. Fantastic page.

Reply Coco (Guest), 21st Mar 2008

Great page! Vincent's looking goooooooood... and I can see the outlines of the cubbies. Awww!

Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 25th Mar 2008

There are heartless!

>.> Couldn't help myself with seeing that behind the cub.

Reply andygoth, 25th Mar 2008

Yummy colors! It's all so smooth and vivid. I like!

Casseh Valentine: it looks like you need a new avatar.

... I really need to get back to work on the page I'm coloring. I just have to finish Vincent's clothes, hair, and fashion accessories. (A Death Penalty on your hip is quite a fashion statement!)

Reply Morana (Guest), 26th Mar 2008

I love the expressions in this page, they're so er, expressive. ^^;

Reply Coco (Guest), 26th Mar 2008

Color! This page looks amazing in color, and Vincent looks even hotter! Rowr!

Reply yo' sis (Guest), 27th Mar 2008

I heart chibis Hi nicki! chibi chibi chibi chibi

Reply Medomai (Guest), 27th Mar 2008

Wow, Vincent was the best in this page - second and last panel especially! Nice job.

Reply Guest, 28th Mar 2008

Petrified. XD

Reply Neph (Guest), 29th Mar 2008

Like a rock! Really great inking and coloring job! Kudos to you both! ^____^

Poor Vincent. He has to go through so much. :D

I really, really like Yuffie's expressions and postures on this page! All of them, but I think the third panel is my favorite for expressiveness. I love the little cub's expressions and body language, as well!

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