Chapter 7 - 344

27th Mar 2008

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Reply Enkida, 27th Mar 2008

The cub gets a name Yes, you can start calling him something other than "Simba" now, heh. Poor "Vince" ... looks like he's going to be stuck with that name for a while. >:D

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Reply Enkida, 28th Mar 2008

Q&A: "Kikacha" "Borah" and "Bashiya" are all names I pulled out of the ether that I thought sounded similar enough to "Seto" and "Nanaki" to fit the species. As far as I know they don't mean anything in any language. :-)

User's Comments:

Reply Acerynn (Guest), 27th Mar 2008

Poor Vince xDD -huggles-

Reply Niyu-chan (Guest), 27th Mar 2008

It happens Well, that's what happens when you let Yuffie take care of the introductions. XD

Reply Kefka, 27th Mar 2008

hehe Vince.

Reply Dark-Chaos, 27th Mar 2008

Somehow this seems like the kind of thing that would make him open up a little bit and eventualy have an ephimy and become cheerful and merry and taking part in musicals.

Well since this WAS based on a fan fic I guess thats not out of the question
(No offense intended ^_^; )

Reply Mitani, 27th Mar 2008

lol hes too miffed to start singing ^~
and i love the way Kikacha is drawn ^^

Reply TionneDawnstar (Guest), 27th Mar 2008

To cute! And while I know that Vincent would never be in a musical as Dark Chaos suggested, I do know that one of my fav parts is coming up soon and I can't wait! (no worries, I'm no spoiler lol)

Yuffie's expression in the bottom panel is awesome, so cute... and Kikacha has always been one of my favs! Awesome job!

Reply Moogle Princess (Guest), 27th Mar 2008

Impressive stuff... So now that I'm caught up to the newest stuff, I've just got to say the whole comic is amazing. Especially the newest one. The shading in Yuffie's face is incredible in the last frame.

Reply andygoth, 27th Mar 2008

I can't stop looking at the last panel. It's simply incredible. THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH A WONDERFUL ARTIST! :^) (Yes, that's me shouting.)

Are Yuffie's eyes watering in the third panel? Hehehe! "Vince" looks pissed; the black thought balloon matches his mood.

This is a very special comic.

Reply Devi (Guest), 28th Mar 2008


Does "Kikacha" mean anything in any language, or is it just a made-up name? *is curious*

Reply Erin (Guest), 28th Mar 2008

There are worse names for Vincent. "Vinny" is a favorite of mine :D

Reply KoShiatar, 28th Mar 2008

Heh, Yuffie's expression is so mischievous in the last panel! Yep, even in drawings it shows that you're feeling better.
As for what you wrote in your Live Journal, I was thinking about making an inking tutorial for a while now, but I couldn't get myself to give it an organized shape.

Reply KoShiatar, 28th Mar 2008

I think Nanaki could have something to do with the number seven... You remember the story much better than I, is he related to 7 in any way?

Reply CaroShadow (Guest), 28th Mar 2008

kikacha is just sooo kyute *hugs* ^.^
lol luv vinnie in the second panel XD

Reply andygoth, 28th Mar 2008

KoShiatar Here's the reference I use for the FF7 plot. Maybe it has the answer to your question.

Reply TyranT (Guest), 28th Mar 2008

Seven? I dont think nanaki had any relation to the number 7, other than the fact that he's in final fantasy 7. He IS related to the number 13, he's got it tattooed (XIII) on his right shoulder (thus, "red 13" as hojo called him), and that's the only number connection i can recall. i could be mistaken, its been a long time since i played the game, and i'm too lazy to look at the reference that andygoth provided (the generous fellow he is)

Anyways, this comic continues to impress me enkida, nice work! (im especially impressed that your bouts of sickness and "tactics-addictus" syndrome haven't slowed you much, if at all...)

Reply andygoth, 29th Mar 2008

Faces, wow I just discovered something really neat. Compare the last panels of pages #342 and #344. There's a truly beautiful symmetry between them.

On the left side of #342 is wide-eyed Kikacha. On the right side of #344 is wide-eyed Yuffie.

On the left side of #344 is gruff Kikacha. On the right side of #342 is gruff Yuffie.

That is incredible!

Reply Neph (Guest), 29th Mar 2008

"My name is Vincent Valentine!" Yes! He's going to jump up and stomp around, singing in a fine bass voice about his proper full name and how to remember it by his life and deeds, with Yuffie chiming in every so often in soprano to add to the song. Finally at the end after a long, drawn out note sung by Vincent, Kikacha joins in in an adorable voice, saying now that he knows better he'll use Vincent's full name from now on.

What I wouldn't give to see that happen. XD

Reply bob (Guest), 30th Mar 2008

hahahaha!! i love his face in the third panel.
he's like "Vince, omg wtf?"

Reply andygoth, 30th Mar 2008

Neph I always thought Vincent would be a tenor, or maybe even an alto. Of course, Chaos would be a bass. :^)

The new incentive is interesting; I like comparing the sketched version with the colored version. But I must confess that I don't recognize the subject. Who is Paine?

Reply andygoth, 30th Mar 2008

That's a really neat sword she has. It's a shame you didn't find a way to sneak it into your drawing. Oh well. :^)

Reply Gado (Guest), 30th Mar 2008

hmm? am i the only one that thinks Kikacha looks kinda like a chibi-Guilmon?

Reply Erin (Guest), 30th Mar 2008

I could see how you'd think so, especially in the first pannel.

Reply Shadow (Guest), 31st Mar 2008


Reply Vincent (Guest), 7th Apr 2008

Yeah,Yuffie looks Cute in the last panel.

Reply Charles (Guest), 6th Oct 2008

names Kikacha: Derivative from ancient semantic meaning 'because it is so'
Borah: ancient semantic for 'hole' (F)
Bashiya: ancient Semantic for 'come what may'

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