Chapter 7 - 345

30th Mar 2008

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Reply Enkida, 30th Mar 2008

ATAAAAACK! I'd be scared too. Then again I've babysat at daycare centres before... Poor Vincent. I'm afraid his day is just not getting any better. :-)

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Reply Enkida, 2nd Apr 2008

Comic "changelog" I did a quick fix of the "gauntlet error" on page 170. Page 346 will be coming soon, so just hang in there. :-)

Reply Enkida, 2nd Apr 2008

... darn! Okay, now it's *really* fixed. :P Additionally a few spellings of "Lucretia" were corrected to "Lucrecia" on some of the more recent pages. Any images I lost in the HD crash aren't corrected, though, unfortunately.

User's Comments:

Reply skystears, 30th Mar 2008

Zomg their so cute ! XD

Reply saharasfury, 30th Mar 2008

Cute! Very cute with the little ones! Great job!

Reply Kefka, 30th Mar 2008

oh gawd. the cuteness teh cuteness! Ahhhhhh!

Reply Gado (Guest), 30th Mar 2008

whoa... im not sure which i find cuter, the kittens that just scream "KAWAII", or the yuffie & vince panels.
eh i cant decide

Reply NightKitsune, 30th Mar 2008

aww its so KAWAII!!

Reply Tempest_Summers, 30th Mar 2008


Reply andygoth, 30th Mar 2008

Ka-what? Would someone please explain to me what this KAWAII thing is?

Reply Ninjin (Guest), 30th Mar 2008

Yay for being scared I love how Yuffie jumped into Vincent's arms. So cute with her "Oh My God" expression.

Reply skystears, 30th Mar 2008

andygoth , KAWAII is japanise for cute i believe XD

Reply Vincent (Guest), 30th Mar 2008

The.. ..First panel is soo Cute!

Reply Devi (Guest), 31st Mar 2008

So CUTE! (caps fully warranted) This page literally got a happy laugh out of me.

Reply Mitani, 31st Mar 2008

yup yup Kawaii= Cute

and the kittens are ^^ im lovin yuffie in this too ^^

Reply SuperHeroReject, 31st Mar 2008

adorable to the maxxxx.

Reply Dark-Chaos, 31st Mar 2008

That poor cub. Imagine how upset he's going to be when he finds out Yuffie is only playing.
Poor Yuffie. Imagine how upset she's going to be when she has to tell that cub she's only playing.
Poor Vincent. Imagine how anoyed, well, already is.

Reply Shadow (Guest), 31st Mar 2008


Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 31st Mar 2008

Awww this page is full of cuteness and now that I see all the cubs it makes me think of LOLcat jokes.

Reply Guest, 31st Mar 2008

KAWAII DESU!!! And I love Vincent's "WTF did you just get us into NOW?!" look XD

The bright orange one reminds me of Tigger in that one episode where he lost his stripes.

Reply Neph (Guest), 31st Mar 2008

The Attack of the Kiddies! Aww, lookit them trying to be all tough and fearsome. It's enough to melt a heart of stone!

....'Course, that makes us wonder what Vincent's heart is made of. ^o^

They all want them a piece of terrified "human"! RRRRROOOOWWWRRRR!!!

Oh yeah, and in the incentive, Enkida, I really like how you showed the linework before the final version. :) It's like a look behind the scenes!

Reply Maniac (Guest), 1st Apr 2008

awwwww so cute ^_^
I want a fire kitty!

Reply vahamut (Guest), 1st Apr 2008

kawaii overdose, mental collapse eminate. All civilian move to a safe distance of...

Reply rocketonaplanet (Guest), 2nd Apr 2008

:D Aww, so cute!

Reply Naleh (Guest), 2nd Apr 2008

Aww the cuteness it burns!!! So cute it hurts! ^_^
And my is Yuffie looking a bit comfy there... >> :chuckle:

Reply Kiana Wolf, 2nd Apr 2008

Hehe, getting a little out of hand for the ninja? X3

Reply andygoth, 2nd Apr 2008

Spelling changes Hey, on which pages did you change the spelling of Lucrecia? I'd like to update the transcriptions.

Reply Enkida, 2nd Apr 2008

Pages 184 and 186 were the only ones I could rescue. :(

Reply andygoth, 2nd Apr 2008

Done! The transcription archive has been updated. Searching for "Lucrecia" now brings up pages 184 and 186. See for yourself:

I had a hard disk crash recently. I'll tell you about it in email. In my case, backups and clever data extraction techniques saved the day, but things could easily have turned out very differently.

By the way, Komi Y Tsuku, do you have any transcriptions for us? You don't have to finish them all before you send them.

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 3rd Apr 2008

Cutie i don't know what to say other than, this is soooooooooooo cute.

Reply your shadow, 14th Apr 2008

boy they are so scary lol jk

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