Chapter 1 - 015

22nd May 2006

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Reply Enkida, 22nd May 2006

02 May 2005 You know, I had this page all ready to go and up at 9am in the morning. Then I locked myself out of the house. ^^; Anyway, I drew and inked this panel while sitting outdoors, since we had some great sunlight. It's a lot harder to draw outside than inside, but I think it turned out okay anyway. There's a couple of drawing errors in here, but overall I thought I got a chaotic feel down pretty well. I also like how I drew Cloud and Tifa. Incidentally, I'm working on a 1-to-1 basis here right now... every update is a page that has just been finished, pretty much. This makes me extremely uncomfortable. I'd like to get at least an 8-page (2 week) advance in case of sickness or holiday or whatnot. I guess that means another big work day today.

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Reply Shany (Guest), 14th Nov 2006

Awesome toning!
haha... materia... XDDD

Reply andy (Guest), 23rd Dec 2006

I absolutely love the first panel here, particularly the varied reactions which do an outstanding job of defining each of the characters. The humor is great, too. If only there was space left over to see the look on Barret's face...

Reply scalott, 23rd Dec 2007

I hope not Yuffie, or this time we'd leave you tied up.

Reply MUSCLEMANN (Guest), 20th Apr 2008


Reply Kuragari, 25th Mar 2010



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