Chapter 1 - 017

22nd May 2006

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Reply Enkida, 22nd May 2006

06 May 2005 Lots of stuff to report! First of all, it's not my hard drive acting up, rather, my motherboard's fan. Guess it's time for a passive cooling system. In other news, the site will hopefully be updating to the theoretically bug-free Walrus 3.0 code soon. Also, I picked up a nice spam filter, which is really useful for anyone who puts their email on their website. Spread the word about that, blocking spam bots is always good! Finally, please, leave comments or vote on any of those little banners up there if you like this comic!

About the page today - I jokingly call this my "bishounen page" because it features a detail of both Cloud and Vincent. Poor guys. Also, drawing that pagoda was a beeotch. I need to work on my non-figure art skills more.

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