Chapter 1 - 034

22nd May 2006

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Reply Enkida, 22nd May 2006

13 June 2005 New incentive image is up! Also fiddling around with the site design for more efficient space usage, and hopefully faster loading times. It'll probably be done by tomorrow or Wednesday, so bear with me please.

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Reply annon (Guest), 6th Aug 2006

error in 1 of the pages u called sephiroth vincents son. he wasnt, he was hojo's son. lucretia and vincent were never actualy together

Reply Enkida, 11th Aug 2006

Yep I know. This work "assumes" that Lucretia got knocked up by Vincent and then married Hojo to cover it up, sort of. ;-)

Reply scalott, 23rd Dec 2007

He should have been Sephiroth's Father. After playing Dirge of Cerberus. I mean the Lucretia-Hojo thing was totally random.

Vincent: Hey Lucretia, you worked with my Dad? That's cool.

Lecretia: OH MY GOD NO! Hojo, I want to marry you!

Hojo: k.

Reply FFVIIACFANGIRL (Guest), 15th Dec 2008

oopsy I was just looking back.
I know you know that sephy isn't vincents son but imagine if he was and how come if vincent new that sephy was lucretia's son then how come he didn't tell him. weel i guess it change the story which would be stupid. it's perfect the way it is.

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