Chapter 1 - 041

22nd May 2006

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Reply Enkida, 22nd May 2006

08 July 2005 My heart goes out to all the people of London. I am impressed by how admirably everyone, from the emergency services, to the politicians, to even the actual surviving victims, conducted themselves at least in front of the media, even in the face of adversity. The rest of the world could learn something from the dignity and efficiency of the British in crisis situations. And Mr. DAC Brian Paddick, you are my new personal hero.

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Reply scalott, 23rd Dec 2007

Wow, you've already made Vincent and Lucrecia's characters and relationship deeper tha Enix did with Dirge of Cerberus. Good job.

Reply Enkida, 23rd Dec 2007

Oh wow, you started reading this? Thanks, glad you're enjoying it! :-) I hope you can bear with the art, it was pretty bad back in these days. That's not to say it's good now, but at least I have a better grasp of anatomy, heh heh. :)

And yeah, that wet noodle Lucrecia in DoC blew chunks, character development wise.

Reply musclemann (Guest), 20th Apr 2008

way to much talk of love

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