Chapter 1 - 044

22nd May 2006

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Reply Enkida, 22nd May 2006

15 July 2005 Chapter 1 is almost finished. :-)

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Reply Enkida, 14th Apr 2008

Coloured! This page was beautifully coloured by Andy Goth! Ghostly Lucrecia is wonderful, isn't she? Be sure to thank him for this lovely work!

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Reply Lasharus (Guest), 14th Apr 2008


Seriously, though it's not precisely Enkida's colouring style, this is an absolutely beautiful job as well (note the "as well" here :P).

Keep up the great work!

Reply andygoth, 14th Apr 2008

Thanks, I will! :^) Yup, this just the encouragement I need to go try my hand at another page. But I might take a break for a while, considering that it took me bloody four months to do this page.

I always liked this page because it's a fine portrait of Vincent, Lucrecia, and their anti-relationship. On one side, it shows Vincent's sorrow and madness (anyone who kisses his own imagination has issues!). On the other, it shows Lucrecia to be an immature tease (who happens to be dead and not really there). And in the middle is a kiss that will never happen.

However, this page had a troublesome compositional flaw. It was lopsided; it's "gravity" was all shifted to the left side. This was due to Vincent being colored in darkly whereas Lucrecia was a bare outline. I did my best to correct this by giving Lucrecia really wicked pearlescent hair and a slick body with highlighted curves, all designed to draw your eye. But then I screwed up the balance again by putting detailed shading in Vincent's suit. :^) Then again, if you like staring at Vincent's torso, there's not much more I can do to make you look at Lucrecia.

I'm glad you enjoy it, Enkida! I had a fun time putting it together, even though the process dragged on for too long. For some reason I had a hell of a time doing Vincent's hair, yet Lucrecia's hair was a snap.

KoShiatar, I will be seriously considering getting a tablet. I'd like to hear your opinion on this page. Keep in mind that I did it all with the joystick mouse between the G, H, and B keys of my ThinkPad.


To see the layered structure of the image, get The GIMP ( ) and open the above XCF.

This is the fifth page I have colored so far. To see all of them, use the search engine:

To see all guest-colored pages, try this link:

(Please let me know if that last one is missing any pages, and I'll fix the transcription to include credit. Also, Enkida and I are currently behind on transcriptions, so transcription help would be much appreciated.)

Reply liz (Guest), 24th Apr 2008

rainbow... that is some psychedelic hair, man. i gotta get my hair done at her salon!

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