Chapter 2 - Cover

22nd May 2006

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Reply Enkida, 22nd May 2006

20 July 2005 The host had a hiccup, not this site. Well, they're back, and so is the comic. Welcome to Chapter 2!

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Reply Enkida, 24th Dec 2007

Color! Andy Goth coloured this cover as well. Again, it looks 100% better than before! :D I feel a little bit guilty for not providing better base art to work with, hee hee, but this is a wonderful Christmas present! Thank you, Andy! :)

User's Comments:

Reply andygoth, 24th Dec 2007

You're welcome! (Again!) Are you kidding me? The base art is terrific! I have always loved the composition of this page; it has a very kinematic quality. It's like the whole page is doing a backflip. It's... animated!

This one has a few more layers than the others, so it's more fun to pick apart in GIMP. Go ahead! I suggest filling in the Yuffie layers with solid colors. Make your own iPod commercial!

Reply matt (Guest), 24th Dec 2007

Evil monsters and terrible magic are no match for fierce postures and enormous shurikens.

Reply fuyu (Guest), 3rd Apr 2008

wow hey, I seen and readed many FF 7 fics, but this comic easily tramples the rest!, I Only read chapter one and now im hooked to this O_o

Reply KoShiatar, 12th Apr 2008

The result is pretty good. Even though, what are you waiting for to get a tablet? ;) The Wacom Bamboo series is relatively unexpensive, and if you save your money for a while you could be able to get one.
It makes the difference when working on the PC, believe me.

Reply andygoth, 12th Apr 2008

What am I waiting for? I kinda spent all my money on a house, so I've been trying to hold off on buying toys. (But it won't be long before the house starts generating revenue.) Also I like how I can use a stick mouse with equal ease and precision at a desk, on a plane, or in a car on a rough road, so I'm not desperate to get a different input device. And I wonder if my money might be better spent on a scanner, camera, monitor, or desktop computer.

I played with a friend's Wacom 12x19 Intuos. I didn't like it using it all that much, even though I was impressed with its performance. I think I'd be happier with something small. Also I had a lot of trouble mentally correlating tablet positions with screen positions.

He used to have a Cintiq (tablet with integrated screen) until his kids took scissors to it. :^( I might save up for one of those; its learning curve should be more gentle than that of a traditional tablet.

What do you use?

Reply KoShiatar, 13th Apr 2008

Heh, sorry. Actually, I'm not thinking about buying a house anytime soon... too expensive, and I haven't found yet where I'd really like to live.
But if I were your friend, I'd keep my children away from my Cintiq with iron gates... ;-) I think it's the best tool a digital artist can get, but it costs around 3 times an Intuos, a price that few can afford.
I now own a Graphire, the simplest kind (now substituted by Bamboo), and I'm thinking about switching to an Intuos, which is much more sensitive and should let me fully exploit natural media brushes in a software like Painter. It's the choice most artists make.
As for the size, most people seem to think that the bigger, the better, but bigger tablets are also clumsier and I wish to stick to my usual A5 (European size).
In the beginning it actually wasn't easy to get used to the tablet surface and I felt like I was drawing with my left hand; the key to that is simple: practice! My guest-inked Growth pages are all inked digitally, something I'd never be able to do just a year ago. :D

Reply musclemann89, 21st Apr 2008

wow i didnt realise it was more the 7 chapters long darn im going to be buzy for a while

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