Chapter 7 - 346

4th Apr 2008

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Reply Enkida, 4th Apr 2008

Guest coloured page! A big hats off and thank you to KoShiatar for guest-inking-and-colouring this page! It looks beautiful, thank you so much for all that hard work! :-)

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Reply Gining (Guest), 4th Apr 2008

Aww, poor Vince, he has all those adorable cats all over him! Wait, is that really a bad thing? I love it though, very nice. And the cat sitting on Yuffie is too cute. He looks so proud sitting on top of her.

Reply Dark-Chaos, 4th Apr 2008

Poor Vincent, I feel sorry for him. But I like how easily he says that ^_^

As for Yuffie, is she in fits of laughter or pretending to be submitting to that firecats 'attack' ','
Because it looks too much like either to tell.

Reply Mitani, 4th Apr 2008

That is sooo cute and yuffs dyin to laugh ^^

Reply KoShiatar, 4th Apr 2008

I hope you all like this page. I plan on doing some more in the future (inking, at least) if Enkida wants me to so feel free to make comments and give me advice. ^_^

Reply andygoth, 4th Apr 2008

The coloring is exceptional. Thank you, KoShiatar! Would you mind writing a few words about how you colored in Vincent's hair? I'm trying to do that for another page, and it has me stumped.

I like the firekitty that's wrapped around Vince's leg. :^)

Reply Jae (Guest), 4th Apr 2008

Gorgeous page!

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 4th Apr 2008

Oh man This reminds me of a nightmare I had. I visited my future self and I was a crazy cat lady, with my past self being hired to help me care for the cats. When it came time to go to sleep, I went to bed and the thirty-odd kittens in this house crawled into bed with me--curling up behind my knees, my elbows, sitting on my hip. I could not move for fear of squashing kittens.

I really like Vincent's "More than you can imagine" look. Wonderful job, as always!

Reply KoShiatar, 4th Apr 2008

Quickest hair tutorial ever! @andygoth: ask me anything.
This is the method I used for this page: I drew a lot of swift, quick dark purple lines in Photoshop with a graphic tablet. Starting from the tips of the hair, I let the strokes thin out where I thought there should be a highlight. Then I selected the hair area and filled it up with some not-too-dark blue in Multiply mode. For any other more detailed explanation, feel free to ask! ;-)

Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 4th Apr 2008

That is some reaaaally nice coloring! I really like how the cloak was done too.

Those cubs must be big. I've had a fat cat on me before and take me down so these cubs might be around 25 pounds? When did the ground get to be grass or is that more weird rock? Hm might be just moss.

:D Also this is a great way to start Vincent to shed the clothes. Then again maybe not. They might start nomming on Vincent's hair. Hmm wonder how Vinnie would look with hair in a ponytail.

...I'd probably be the one nomming him.

Reply Jans (Guest), 4th Apr 2008

That, is just about the most adorable thing ever.

Reply mistre, 4th Apr 2008

That's pretty funny, <3 their argument

Reply Snickerer (Guest), 4th Apr 2008

Ohgods. You sicced the cubs on Vincent. (Yuffie too, but I somehow suspect she's better equipped to handle it...)

Cannot. Stop. Laughing. XD

Reply KaiKudo, 5th Apr 2008

aww poor van XD LOL it seem yuffie is laughing at van LOL poor things =w=

Reply Devi (Guest), 5th Apr 2008

Om nom nom, he has a flavour! Heheh! I hold to the pet theory that Vincent's cloak is somehow "alive"/part of him and transforms when he does (the thing bears a suspicious resemblance to Chaos' wings, for one, especially in DoC), but I've never considered whether that means the cloak can feel pain.

Though I guess in this case, it was mostly Vincent's precious dignity that got hurt. *snickers*

Great page, and great guest colouring - the colours are so spring-fresh radiant!

Also, Yuffie going "MRMPH!" is just killing me. XD

Reply Naleh (Guest), 5th Apr 2008

aww Poor Vincy all those kittens playing with him...and ripping his cape... 0>.> Also Yuffie seems to be enjoying a new diet of dirt and lots of it! XD

Reply KnightLight (Guest), 5th Apr 2008

Noooooo! No, not the cape! NOT THE CAPE! How can he be cool without the drama-cape?

Reply Charles Xavier (Guest), 5th Apr 2008

Devilishly Cute! All I can say is: I feel bad for Vincent! I wonder how much that cape costs...

Reply andygoth, 5th Apr 2008

Don't worry, I can fix it. All I need is a needle and thread. Vincent will probably just rip a little bit more off the bottom (which is already shredded) and use it to patch the new holes. From the looks of things, this has happened many times before.

Reply Niyu-chan (Guest), 5th Apr 2008

I feel sorry... ... for Yuffie. Having to hold that laughter. Poor girl.

I'm just kidding of course. Poor Vincent. His wonderful little cape.

Reply saharasfury, 6th Apr 2008

Real Quick Question Enkida,

Do you plan on making another comic for Autumn Song? Thanks!

Reply Death By Chocobo (Guest), 26th May 2008

Cute love that cape ripper cubs button eyes in the last panel

Reply Shadow_Da_Hedgie, 18th Sep 2010


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