Chapter 3 - 106

22nd May 2006

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Reply Enkida, 22nd May 2006

24 March 2006 So I finally got around to watching Advent Children. Subtitled in Engrish, granted, but I've gotten used to quirky Japanese expressions to get around most of the confusion, though. My understanding of the engrish probably makes more sense than the official US translation will. Basically, it does blow lots of (surprisingly tiny) holes through this universe, though it's nothing I couldn't work around, if I wanted to go back and redo a couple of the flashbacks and "what folks are doing now" things. But since Vincent, Yuffie and Nanaki are barely even featured in AC, it's *almost* plausible canon. As for thoughts on AC itself - it surpassed my expectations by being unusually good. Even so, most of the fight scenes were over the top, and the whole Sephiroth thing was unnecessarily gratuitous. I guess there would have been a fan revolt if there was a FF7 movie without Sephiroth in it, though. All in all I was surprised that I wasn't disappointed. So! If you haven't seen Advent Children yet, you can look it up on You Tube if you have a fast connection. If you don't, wait until Square Enix *finally* releases it; unlike the FF Movie, AC is much better and won't be a waste of your money.

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