Chapter 3 - 109

22nd May 2006

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Reply Enkida, 22nd May 2006

05 April 2006 Um. Still sick. I think I managed to do a better job on this page than Monday's though, at least. Heh, you can probably chart how good I'm feeling by the quality of the art. ;-)

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Reply Enkida, 21st Mar 2007

Redraw I noticed a big error in the original copy of this page, so it got a quick redraw. I think it looks better. Original page can be found in the 'other' gallery still.

User's Comments:

Reply andygoth, 21st Mar 2007

Aside from slightly shorter hair, more pronounced scars, angrier facial expression and body language, and a greatly improved balloon layout, I don't see any difference. What's the big error?

Reply Enkida, 21st Mar 2007

I'm not telling. Think of it like seek and find! :-)

Reply andygoth, 22nd Mar 2007

You delete the word "though" which, combined with unimaginative balloon layout and insufficient emphasis, turned what was supposed to be a series of angry outbursts into a pedestrian speech readers are likely to skim.

Reply Enkida, 22nd Mar 2007

Well, yes, I did delete the word 'though' so that the speech bubble would fit more nicely on the page, I thought it was an acceptable compromise.

HOWEVER EEEEH WRONG! That's not the reason I redrew the page. Keep looking! ;-)

Reply Hiratsu (Guest), 22nd Mar 2007

Now I wanna know the error! *stares at pictures for way too long* Ummm...the only thing I noticed that no one else mentioned was the one scar changed location. Although looking back and forth has made me notice how much better your art is getting. Keep up the great work and keep getting better an' better! ^.^

Reply andygoth, 23rd Mar 2007

Maybe this redraw thing is just an excuse to show off your improvement.

If so, thanks! :^)

Reply andygoth, 25th Mar 2007

Aha! In the old version, she has six fingers in her right hand.

Mako poisoning? :^)

Heh, you threw me off by saying "original copy", and to me "copy" meant words.

Reply Enkida, 27th Mar 2007

Andygoth wins! Ask for a picture and I'll sketch it for you as a prize. :-)

Reply andygoth, 29th Mar 2007

Yay! Thanks, Enkida! This was fun!!

Could you sketch a scene with Zidane, Dagger, and Vivi? That would be great. :^)

And by the way, please just call me Andy.

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