Chapter 3 - 129

22nd May 2006

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Reply Enkida, 22nd May 2006

Yuh-Feh? You-Fee? New incentive, and the incentive gallery's been updated. Please go vote, even if the incentive isn't all that great! Every extra click counts. :-) There's also a new link exchange up, "Vrin" check it out for a promising new comic that has much better US-style comic art than this stuff here. Side note on this panel... a lot of fans like to shorten Yuffie's name to 'Yuff' or 'Yuffs' etc. Seeing as how Wutai is somewhat equal to Japan in the FF7 world, and seeing as how I've never heard Yuffie's name verbally announced, I've always thought it would sound something more like "You-Fee" rather than "Yhuff-He"... hence the way I broke up her name in the third panel. I wonder what other people think, though?

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Reply Andrea (Guest), 22nd May 2006

I always pronounced Yuffie the Japanese way - 'Yufi', which is also the way it is pronounced in Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, and Kingdom Hearts. :3

Reply Grey Wolf (Guest), 23rd May 2006

Andrea is right, it was said in KH ect. To me it sounded like You-fee. Anyway i love the doujinshi. thank you =^-^=

Reply Enkida, 23rd May 2006

I guess this means I should eventually invest in something like Kingdom Hearts or Dirge of Cerberus and hear it for myself. I'm glad I guessed right, though. Thanks! ^^;

Reply Casseh (Guest), 23rd May 2006

Luff the Dojinshi! I just recently started reading VinxYuff Dojinshi, and so far, yours is my favorite! =3 Oh, and I've always pronounced it You-fee too. ^____^;;

Reply Kobayashi Riku (Guest), 22nd Sep 2006

Awesome work, but the opinion of this Sephiroth still stands.

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 7th Jun 2007

>.< okay, people, in the english version it's spelled "Yuffie" it sounds like you-fee AND Yufi. so who the heck cares???

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