Chapter 7 - 347

6th Apr 2008

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Reply Enkida, 5th Apr 2008

Denial! I say they were cute and Vincent's in denial. XD

Also someone asked about the "Autumn Song" side story - it's going to be included in this comic.

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User's Comments:

Reply saharasfury, 6th Apr 2008

Awesome! I am glad Autumn Song is going to be included in this comic! Nice job on the artwork on this page. :)

Reply andygoth, 6th Apr 2008

Sheesh, Vincent. Why don't you check the reader comments sometime? You're the only one who's not laughing. ;^)

Reply Vincent (Guest), 6th Apr 2008

True..But Vincent is Vincent.

Reply kersheys (Guest), 6th Apr 2008

At least Vince is half-smiling in that last panel ;P

Reply Tempest_Summers, 6th Apr 2008

Love her expression in the fourth panel. . .

Reply SuperHeroReject, 7th Apr 2008

YAY! I'm soooo glad autums song is going to be included.

Love this page. :D

Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 7th Apr 2008

>:D I do believe that Vincent is flirting with Yuffie in that last panel! HE IS!

I've seen that look upon many a flirtatious guy. Vincent, you beast, you.

PS: If you VINCENT don't think those cubs are cute then at least say that Yuffie is appealing. Do iiiiit! You know you wanna.

I do believe I'm going crazy now...

Reply andygoth, 7th Apr 2008

Kitty Silver Please log in when you post your comments--- I miss seeing your avatar image! ;^)

Reply Kitty Silver, 7th Apr 2008

^^;; Well I certainly don't hear that type of request too often or at all.

I should try updating that one its getting close to a year old

Reply Sexy_Reno, 7th Apr 2008

Wow I love Vin in the last panel. He just looks so great! As always, your art looks wonderful! :heart:

Reply Naleh (Guest), 7th Apr 2008

Heh heh Vince's smirking! Does anyone else see that? I wanna hug him now... >>

Reply Kadamon (Guest), 7th Apr 2008

I saw the smirk too.

But, isn't the cape like...part of him or something?

Reply Devi (Guest), 7th Apr 2008

The cuteness is making me so happy Speaking of which, Vincent is cute when he's huffy, such as in the second panel. :D

Reply Ninjin (Guest), 7th Apr 2008

Awesome phrase "I'm glad at least one of us is taking pleasure in my discomfort." I love that quote! I love your comic, I've seen every single page!

Reply andygoth, 7th Apr 2008

Kitty Silver again Why wouldn't you hear that type of request? It's a very nice picture of a very beautiful face. I presume it's yours, but with the Internet you never can tell! (For example, I look nothing like my avatar image.)

Reply Kitty Silver, 7th Apr 2008

Andygoth First my avatar is me yes. Second its just me its not like I've got a crazy or catchphrase picture going on or of my art. Therefor its just a picture of me and not one of me being nuts.

XD You mean you're not a red haired reporter looking young girl?

Reply andygoth, 7th Apr 2008

Not since the surgery, no.

Reply Vincent (Guest), 7th Apr 2008

Andygoth Isnt that a Guy on your Pic?

Reply andygoth, 7th Apr 2008

With anime, who can tell? From looking at the rest of the picture (here I only post the face), I guess it's a guy.

I found the full, original picture on an old hard disk of mine, and I put it on my Web site. Enjoy! And if anyone can tell me where it comes from, PLEASE let me know!

Reply Kitty Silver, 8th Apr 2008

:O I thought you were a chick. XD Which proves that I can't trust the nets!

Now you put in a rut where I'm trying to decide on the right picture

Reply andygoth, 8th Apr 2008

Don't feel bad. On the telephone people I don't know usually address me as Ma'am. :^)

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