Chapter 7 - 348

8th Apr 2008

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Reply Enkida, 8th Apr 2008

Now would be the time for a musical Vincent: "Enkida got the dialogue wrong on this page. What I meant to say was
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens... oh, and Kitty Silver's portrait, because she's hot."

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Reply Enkida, 9th Apr 2008

Q & A Vincent did have a child already in this comic. It didn't turn out too well. Although I guess you could call Yuffie helping him kill his own son a "bonding experience" ... (Poor Vincent, he's just not going to get a break from me. XD )

Reply Enkida, 9th Apr 2008

Any FF 2 fans? You might be interested in following my progress on SJ.

User's Comments:

Reply Tempest_Summers, 8th Apr 2008

Seriously... Vincent singing "These are a Few of My Favourite Things" is pretty much the imagery that made my day.

And, as always, gorgeous coloring.

Reply Sol, 8th Apr 2008

"Vincent, I'm pregnant! And you're the father!"

*Vincent has a horrified look on his face*

"Just kidding!"

Reply Kitty Silver, 8th Apr 2008

o.O;;; *drop open mouth*


*crickets chirp and fly into mouth*

>.< *twitch twitch*

*goes into stunned silence for the next couple of hours*

Reply andygoth, 8th Apr 2008

Nice one, Enkida. :^)

Reply Sakura Shadows (Guest), 8th Apr 2008

I agree Vincent. 'Peace, Solitude, and Silence' are very calming. ^w^ I am not alone!

Reply Kitty Silver, 8th Apr 2008

I think I've come to the conclusion that Enkida is a bad bad lady :P

While Vincent is pretty damn hot himself and given half a chance I would molest him (as no less than a dozen Vincent cosplayers have realized) there is just no way he'd put up with me. Especially when I have a tendency(read fetish) to put guy's long hair into pigtails.

OK now onto the comic. Definitely not the response I was hoping from Vinnie. Pretty much it sounds like Yuffie isn't what he finds appealing and is telling her so. Vincent needs a good shaking up calming things are so DULL.

PS: Lady you're pretty evil and had broken my head there for a bit.

Reply Rose (Guest), 9th Apr 2008

Vince is so pretty on this page. ^^

Reply Devi (Guest), 9th Apr 2008

Vincent is childfree? Oh dear, that's BAD, given that Yuffie will have to birth an heir for Wutai one day and all. Can you say, "major dealbreaker"?

For shame, especially given how Vincent's "Peace...Solitude...Silence" face is so beautiful.

Reply andygoth, 9th Apr 2008

In this story, Vincent does have a son whose name escapes me. It was something like Stephan Roth. If I remember correctly, he turned out to be quite the troublemaker, so I can see why Vincent isn't looking forward to another kid. And after the terrible time he had with Lucrecia, Vincent is unlikely to open himself to another relationship.

You understand, relationships are built on trust, and love is chiefly characterized by selfless sacrifice. Vincent is no longer capable of either, not after being so wounded by Lucrecia, Hojo, and little Stevie. :^) But by the end of this story, maybe those wounds will have healed.

Reply andygoth, 9th Apr 2008

Kirlaskia: You know I was just being a goof, pretending to forget such an unforgettable name. Also I wanted an excuse to call him Stevie. :^)

Enkida: FF2, or at least the NES and PSX versions of FF2, gives you experience credit even if you cancel the action. So instead of having your party beat itself up, just alternate between the select and cancel buttons a whole lot.

Reply Enkida, 9th Apr 2008

I don't think that would help with HP/MP raising, only stat / weapon / spell raising. :P

Reply Vincent (Guest), 9th Apr 2008

i Second that,peace,soltitude and silence. as i used to say when i was younger''gotta love the silence''.

Reply Kitty Silver, 9th Apr 2008

That definitely reminds me to hoard the boyfriend's copy of FF1 and 2. Food item names are great and I think I'd go with "Snap, Crackle, and Pop"

Reply Klebkatt (Guest), 9th Apr 2008

*gigglesnort* ...stevie...

I'll file that away along with Light's (Death Note) code name of Butt Pirate. (if you ever have a chance, look for Uke Note I'll provide the link).

Reply Chibi-Sorrow (too lazy to log in (Guest), 10th Apr 2008

...Stevie? ...Stevie? Really now...

Reply andygoth, 10th Apr 2008

Back to Canada. Again.

I hear it's starting to warm up there.

Reply TyranT (Guest), 10th Apr 2008

Canada, eh? Yes indeed mr. Andygoth, canada IS getting, in some places anyhow (i'm convinced that the east coast never gets more than one month of warm weather. of course that could just be my western plains attitude towards it, i've never actually been there.)

i get the feeling that whatever comes out of yuffie's mouth is going to cause vincent considerable discomfort....

Reply andygoth, 10th Apr 2008

I've been to Saguenay, Quebec, which was incredibly beautiful at the time I went. I think that was July. Swimsuit weather!

But for now I'm going to Cold Lake, Alberta. How's the weather there? According to , it's 7°C right now, which is pretty good.

Reply your shadow, 10th Apr 2008

yea! ff7! good game,good movie,and your comics are good to^^

Reply TyranT (Guest), 11th Apr 2008

Canada! Cold lake?'re just a scant few hours northeast of Edmonton, which happens to be my current residence. Nifty. And yes, the weather should be splendid. if you ever get the chance, take a trip through British Colombia in the summer-probably the nicest place you'll see, particularly through the mountains

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