Chapter 3 - 130

23rd May 2006

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Reply Enkida, 23rd May 2006

Teenage Angst. I guess this page breaks from game canon a little, because I recall seeing a picture of 10-year-old Yuffie with short hair somewhere. Oh well! The voting button should be working again; it was all TWC's fault. Blame them by voting in protest. Often. Yeah. ;-) Thanks for leaving comments, too! You guys rock, it makes me really happy to see that there are actually people reading this, and even people enjoying it, too. :D

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Reply Rayne (Guest), 24th May 2006

Such an awesome comic. Hehe, father-daughter fight.


Reply Nanaki (Guest), 24th May 2006

Great page, but what is going to happen to Nanaki... :`(

Reply gale (Guest), 24th May 2006

im impressed i admire you. your drawing talent is great. not to mention your continuing the story despite the realease of advent children which sends this idea to the gutter.

looking forward to the next page.

Reply Nenya-Higurashi (Guest), 25th May 2006

Whof Cute! i love your style and i Love Yuffietine! i've more problem to read English fanfiction, but i find easy read your comic *_*
kyaaa! i'm so happy!

Reply Libra In Red (Guest), 25th May 2006

Very Nice I've followed your comic for a while now (the bath scene had me!) and I really enjoy watching your talent for drawing grow. You have such a good grasp of your style, and you are very true to canon with all your characters! (Plus I love your other comic too!)

Reply Maria (Guest), 25th May 2006

Awesome! I really LOVE the idea of Yuffie and Vincent together! I'm all for it! Recently I've been trying to find everything I can on th web about it! I admire you for pulling this story through, and for your art. I am an artist too. Keep this story up----PLEASE!

Reply Kepora (Guest), 22nd Feb 2007

Yufffaki or Nanuffie? XD Well, personally, I imagined Yuffie and Red together, as odd as it may seem. I thoguht it was kinda odd at first, but then I read the story "Cosmo memory" on it really made me start thinking. What if yuffie were to look past the beast exterior and see the sentient beign that lay within Nanaki?

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