Chapter 7 - 350

13th Apr 2008

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Reply Enkida, 14th Apr 2008

Q&A, new coloured page! First off, go check out the redone Page 44 of the comic - now beautifully coloured thanks to Andy Goth! :-)

Re: Yuffie and tears - it's a part of the character I built her up to be. This is not game canon anymore, obviously. Besides that she tends to overreact emotionally to anything, Yuffie is also being honest (for once) here. Mako overexposure makes humans - and firecats - lose their grip on their emotional control. Sephiroth would be my shining example of "out of control" - he went mad at the end, though you could say Jenova helped him quite a bit there. Cloud and Vincent would be examples of the opposite end of the spectrum. They made up for the lack with iron will, I guess you could say, but it also makes them emotional retards. As you can see his behaviour - "It's Vincent!"

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Reply andygoth, 13th Apr 2008

Tears Wow, Yuffie really is taking it hard.

Conversations between Vincent and Yuffie are strange. Yuffie prattles on, then is totally derailed when Vincent says two words. Next she gets unnecessarily defensive and starts to cry, but usually not in a hostile way. Rather, she's ashamed and angry at herself for creating such huge messes (which are only huge to her). And she never learns. Crazy girl. Her big argument isn't with others; it's with herself. Vincent quietly, accidentally, and repeatedly exposes this truth.

Reply Dark-Chaos, 13th Apr 2008

Shes trying to come to terms with how she feels about Vincent. She knows how she feels, she kind of wants something to happen, but all the while... "It's Vincent!"
Either meaning, 'worst guy she can be with' or 'but he's my friend'. So regardless she still going to be hurt by the smallest thing he'd say that she 'can asume' is meant by him to distance himself from a relationship. She may not even see his words like that if it wasn't for their argument before.

Of course, she's forgeting... she is no longer a child. However does Vincent even realise that? He's older than everyone. I few years for them doesn't make much difference.

This makes good Drama ^,^

Reply KaiKudo, 13th Apr 2008

poor yuffi D: bad vanvan bad

Reply skystears, 13th Apr 2008

Zomg I can totally relate to Yuffie , have strange mood swings to and always end up all over emotional , feel really stupid about it and then cry more...Its amazing how life like you make her lol.
Love the panel where shes sitting down you did a really great job on it she looks cute there ^.^

Reply Devi (Guest), 13th Apr 2008

Awwwww! Of course, we know that Yuffie (being Yuffie) cries easily, but you still just wanna cuddle her. Emotional mess indeed.

RE: Dark-Chaos - I think Vincent has realised she's no longer a child, but Yuffie has yet to realise that he's realised. ;)

Reply Kitty Silver, 13th Apr 2008

Haaaaaaaaair! The pretty pretty hair!

:/ Vinny is being entirely too quiet.

The FF2 in the SJ is almost like a mini comic with shinanigans and laughs. It seems like the fourth member is always disposable.

Reply Devi (Guest), 13th Apr 2008

More comments, 'cause I wasn't done with my thoughts after all I like the way Yuffie's facial expressions are drawn here.

As an afterthought to my "Yuffie cries easily" comment - I vaguely remember one fic where it was said (paraphrasing here) how some people hide their emotions by keeping them inside, and some people hide them by being all outgoing. While the latter referred to Aerith in context, I wonder if it couldn't be applied to Yuffie as well. She's so all-out emotional, but to actually get her to admit her feelings...

Especially when it comes to Vincent, heh.

Oh, and I like the incentive. White Mage is one of Paine's prettier outfits, yes.

Reply andygoth, 13th Apr 2008

Tomo el pelo Kitty Silver, all this talk of hair (haaaaaaaaair!) is making me thing of Ben Franklin from Dr. McNinja. He's being stalked by a spooky horse which he can only keep at bay by eating hair. If he goes too long without eating hair, he will transform into a headless horseman! Some links for you to enjoy:

The spooky horse is pushing a shopping cart.

"Your daughter has such lovely long hair. I'd like to eat it, if that's all right."

"Is this a bag of hair? You can't take a bag of hair on an airplane."

And speaking of hair, what's that on your head? I think I see ribbons and beads.

One more hair topic! Yesterday I finished coloring another page of Growth; I'm just waiting for Enkida to review it and post it. And it has gorgeous long hair in it, except it's girl hair. I'm not certain I like how Vincent's hair turned out, but I think the other character's hair is spectacular. Now you have to figure out which female character has long hair and would appear alongside Vincent. :^)

Regarding the disposable fourth character, at the very start of FF2 the fourth friend is separated from the others, so that leaves a slot that other characters are rotated into and out of.

Reply Kitty Silver, 13th Apr 2008

XD *munches on a carrot* That was from an Anime Boston reunion where I'm wearing catears from Cosworx. Its probably not showing the ears well because it shrunk.

Pass on eating hair. I'll get my protein another way. XD I just really like hair and on this page Yuffie's looks nicer.

EDIT: well then if I had to guess then I'd guess it was Lucretia?

Reply andygoth, 13th Apr 2008

You'd eat hair too if it meant not turning into a headless horseman Not any more! I edited the speech balloons so that it's spelled Lucrecia. :^)

If you don't want to wait for Enkida, you can sneak a peek at my Web site (see my profile for the URL). Just be aware that the version found there might not be the one that ultimately gets posted, 'cuz that's up to Enkida.

Reply Naleh (Guest), 14th Apr 2008

Yuffie needs a hug.... Okay Vincent, it's hugging time now... O.o0 Oh wait, that doesn't sound very Vincent-like...darn...

Reply Ragnarok, 14th Apr 2008

Long time reader Hello Enkida. I'm a long time reader of this comic. I'm amazed at the quality of your writing and drawing skills. I've seen how it keeps improving and it makes me want to pick up a pencil.

I've been tempted to post a comment on this site many times. For some reason seeing how well Yuffie's emotions and vulnerability are portrayed made me finally get of my arse and send you a comment.

Thanks from another Canadian fan :)

Reply andygoth, 14th Apr 2008

Canadian fan? Enkida, you seem to have a lot of those! Plus me, the occasional Canadian. Seriously, I was overwhelmed by the number of people who chimed in to give me Alberta travel advice. Thanks, all!

Reply your shadow, 14th Apr 2008

wow nice comic

Reply Klebkatt (Guest), 14th Apr 2008

Emotional Retard = Vincent

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG I'M GONNA DIE! crying...sohard...omglol....

I'm sorry but that was great!

Reply Kitty Silver, 14th Apr 2008

So do I win a prize for guessing right? I do don't I!

We should try finding that application/site thing that shows where the fans are from. Frapp? I forget what its called.

Reply Vincent (Guest), 14th Apr 2008

Love the First panel,yuffie looks so Cute,and she looks like she needs a hug*Cuddles Yuffie*

Reply andygoth, 15th Apr 2008

Kitty Silver, you win ten points!

You're thinking of Frappr. I'm already mapped on it as a Tcl user, in case anyone wants to look me up, or just to see what a Frappr map looks like. Go to and click on the yellow dot south of Dallas, Texas.

Reply Kitty Silver, 15th Apr 2008

Woo! I have a pretty much empty map that I made. I thought I had a few other maps than three that I already had.

>.< I forget how to customize my urls.

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