Chapter 7 - 351

15th Apr 2008

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Reply Enkida, 15th Apr 2008

Guest coloured page! Once again, this page was guest inked and coloured by KoShiatar! Wonderful, isn't it? She'd like to thank Stephanie Shimerdla of Obsidian Dawn for providing some of the brushes used on this page.

Also as of yesterday, I became an aunt! :D Congratulations and best wishes to my sister, who I know reads this comic when she can. :D

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Reply Enkida, 16th Apr 2008

Aeh... Rating buttons are fixed. Sorry 'bout that, I nuked the original rating stars while redesigning my other website. ^^;

Reply Enkida, 17th Apr 2008

*sweatdrop* "Art" link is working again... sorry bout that. If you guys notice anything else broken on the site please tell me. ^^;

User's Comments:

Reply SuperHeroReject, 15th Apr 2008

Beautifully colored. :)

This page just in general is wonderful.

Reply andygoth, 15th Apr 2008

Very cool! This page = awesome.

KoShiatar, thank you for making Enkida's work look even more magnificent than usual. :^)

Enkida's sister: Congratulations on your first child!

Reply NightKitsune, 15th Apr 2008

awsome coloring, KoShiatar your amazing. the page is just awsome.

Congradulations to Enkids's sis!

Reply Neph (Guest), 15th Apr 2008

Mirror of the Soul Wow, this is a powerful page. I think it's partly because you get to look at both Yuffie and Vincent, who they are underneath, at the same time. And it's also because Vincent has finally found a CONNECTION with someone, when before he felt alone in his pain.

I absolutely can not wait for the next page! This story just keeps getting better and better! The great story, writing, and colors.... One of the things I like about it is that with different colorists you get a slightly different view of the situation.... Does that make sense? ^o^;;

Congratulations, Enkida!!! My little baby nephew just turned 1. :) It rocks being an aunt. I'm really happy for both you and your sister. Let us know how the baby's doing, please? ^___^

Reply Kitty Silver, 15th Apr 2008

A very very sweet page. The coloring is very nice and even put the touch of red puffy eyes on Yuffie.

Can't fangirl over hair this time but I will about something pretty interesting

Anatomy. Mmmm.

Reply andygoth, 15th Apr 2008

Fambly By the way, I am an uncle to three girls and one boy. :^) They're spread all across the US, and none of them are in the same state as me, so I don't get to see them very often.

17 Apr edit: I re-inventoried my nieces and nephews. It turns out I missed one! There are four girls and a boy! :^)

Reply your shadow, 15th Apr 2008

you got some real tallent ^^

Reply saharasfury, 15th Apr 2008

Great job! This was very beautifully colored.

Reply Devi (Guest), 15th Apr 2008

*Awesome* page! And awesome colouring - let's hear it for KoShiatar!

Also, congrats to Enkida's sis. :)

Reply Ninjin (Guest), 15th Apr 2008

I LOVE this page I love the metaphors used in this page. The coloring was done great and Yuffie looked great in that dress. I just hope Vincent kisses her soon. >>

Reply Winged Knight (Guest), 15th Apr 2008

Oh boy If this turns into a kiss, that could be either very good or very bad.

Reply KoShiatar, 16th Apr 2008

Congratulations on becoming an aunt! ^__^
I have two nieces and they're lovely.

Reply Rikki (Guest), 16th Apr 2008

Oh please tell me he's going to kiss her...that would just be awsome!

Reply LToEV, 16th Apr 2008


Reply Quicksilver (Guest), 16th Apr 2008

:( I don't believe it. I have read the whole comic and it finishes here! Please keep on writing and drawing.

Reply CareBear (Guest), 16th Apr 2008

Great Story I must say, I have have been reading this comic and have very much enjoyed it. The artwork is very well done. Keep it up! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Reply Shadow (Guest), 16th Apr 2008

Awh. Could it be that 'Vince' is starting to like her maybe just a little?

Reply Naleh (Guest), 16th Apr 2008

*Grabs some popcorn* Come on KISS!!! ....Or hug!! ...Or something... >> *in suspence* I love this comic, and the coloring is great!
Also Gratz on the Baby Enkida's sister! XD

Reply Vincent (Guest), 16th Apr 2008

oh..i Really Hope Vincent kisses Yuffie,or hugs her...or Both,Also Gratz on becoming an aunt.

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 16th Apr 2008

I have a feeling I know what's going to happen...

Reply Shy-Guyome (Guest), 17th Apr 2008

da color is so........ shining... *speechless*

Reply andygoth, 17th Apr 2008

Breakage favicon.ico = 404. When you fix this, I'll update the search page template to match.

Also there seems to be something wrong with the TWC rank image; it should only display one digit, since this comic is the best. The other readers and I will help you fix this. :^)

Reply Zhai, 17th Apr 2008

AAAAh I wanna see what's on the next page 0.0 I hope it'll be a hug X3

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