Chapter 7 - 352

17th Apr 2008

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Reply Enkida, 17th Apr 2008

Certain things are better than kisses Thanks again to KoShiatar for pointing out the brushes at Obsidian Dawn, which were used on this page!

A few pages back someone asked how I colour hair - I block in a dark base with watercolour pencils (Yuffie's is dark sienna with black "lowlights" while Vincent's is layered prussian blue and black) and then I put in the shiny highlights in Photoshop.

"Why didn't he kiss her?!!111!?" Because this particular exchange is not about physical attraction. Vincent's a taciturn guy but when he speaks, he means what he says.

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Reply Enkida, 20th Apr 2008

Next page will be bit late I really thought I'd finish some forum coding I have to do over the weekend, but it turns out I know nothing about phpBB 3.0.1. I didn't get time to do any comic over the weekend, so please be patient with me. ^^; Sorry!

User's Comments:

Reply tacky (Guest), 17th Apr 2008

simply wonderful!
Can't wait for next installment.

Reply Ninjin (Guest), 17th Apr 2008

Awww You're right, that is better than a kiss. Now I think romance will really start to spark between them.

Reply LToEV, 17th Apr 2008

so happy for them

Reply Niyu-chan (Guest), 17th Apr 2008

Sometimes... It's enough for someone to understand, isn't it?

Reply CareBear (Guest), 17th Apr 2008

Amazing Yep. Sometimes, so little action can have so much of a meaning. Really excellent work! Keep it up!

Reply saharasfury, 17th Apr 2008

Sweet This is sweet. Great job as always!

Reply andygoth, 17th Apr 2008

We have been waiting for this for a long time. Thank you. This is fantastic.

Reply Kitty Silver, 17th Apr 2008

Awww! They're so cute like this together.

OK so there is no kissing or mad sexing up but its still pretty good. Hopefully Vincent is a cuddler or does some cuddling. :D Also there is hope that he will crack more smiles and even joke more often.

>:D Or even be a huge flirt with Yuffie.

I really do like how you've been doing the hair and the skin.

:| This page makes me want cuddling too.

Reply Dark-Chaos, 17th Apr 2008

This works better than any passion scene possable. ','

Reply KaiKudo, 17th Apr 2008

OMG AWWWWWW XD that is so cute >w<

Reply Devi (Guest), 17th Apr 2008

Better than kisses indeed The high-pitched noise you hear from me is a squee. *blushes at own fangirlishness*

Seriously though, this is an awesome page that *rocks*. So much emotion - *dang* do I wish I could draw/write like that.

Oh, and since you mentioned it - the hair rocks too.

Reply Aurora (Guest), 18th Apr 2008

Must comment Hi! I´ve been reading this for months now and now I really have to comment. The feeling in this Especially Yuffies expression is really great. You can actually feel how she feels. Btw, you have become a lot better during this doujinshi.

(English isn´t my native language, so don´t mind my typos and such.)

Reply andygoth, 18th Apr 2008

Aurora Your English is very good. In the interest of helping you to improve even more, I will critique your grammar. :^) I see only two problems: (1) Your second sentence is a compound sentence, so there should be comma before the "and". (2) "Yuffies" should be "Yuffie's" because it's possessive.

Reply Rose (Guest), 18th Apr 2008

that is all I can say about this page, so cute

Reply Blue (Guest), 18th Apr 2008

Awww... The 'awwws' have it. I almost cried at the look on her face. <3

Reply Ragnarok, 18th Apr 2008

Awesome Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Oh and Awesome.
That is all!

Reply SuperHeroReject, 18th Apr 2008

I'm ready to burst into tears of happiness since a smile is already on my face.

Reply AncestralSpirit (Guest), 18th Apr 2008

tears in my eyes a deeper understanding than a physical attraction is always the best thing.
Love it, an embrace of the inner soul.

Reply Shadow (Guest), 18th Apr 2008


Maybe he's not so 'emontionally constipated' after all.

Reply Sunshine (Guest), 18th Apr 2008

Vincent's Eyes You did an amazing job with both Vincent and Yuffie in this page, Enkida, but I love how you did Vincent's eyes in the embrace - all you can see are those eyes, and yet you can tell just exactly how sad and... not bitter... wistful? he is. That he wishes he could make it better, for Yuffie and also for himself.

Reply Yuffietine (Guest), 18th Apr 2008

Wow Wow I have been rading htis for months and all I can say is wow. This page has so much emotion I can feel it here!!!

Reply TionneDawnstar (Guest), 18th Apr 2008

I was waitin' for it! That's what I was waiting to see! SQUEE... man I'm such a Yuffentine lover, and it's all this fanfic's fault... it's funny that's not really the focus... Vincent is just tooooo cute!

Reply Sephalthos (Guest), 18th Apr 2008

Well Done, Enkida, Well Done... All I have to say about this page itself, is that it made shed a silent tear, cause it is absolutely quite magical, & indeed beautiful, though still a bit flawed in your own art, does at least show it is your style, & that I couldn't ask for more, Enkida.

Keep on going, I check on weekly, looking forward to the next installments you have for us fans, as for now, you are doing very well, in bringing out the drama of the characters, while trying to keep their personalities as much as possibly.

Reply your shadow, 19th Apr 2008


Reply worlds #1 redneck (Guest), 19th Apr 2008

yeah! geter done!

Reply Rikki (Guest), 19th Apr 2008

Awwwww, I wanted him to kiss her...but a hug works too.

Reply Naleh (Guest), 19th Apr 2008

Hug times is now! Aww, so cute! I kinda wonder what those cubs think. O.o0

Reply Neph (Guest), 20th Apr 2008

Understanding This is SO much better than a kiss. For the exact reason Enkida says.... This is a really sweet and open moment. Just LOOK at them! Yes, now that I look at them, and think about it, a kiss would have ruined the mood somehow. The mood intended, that is.

And I can't help but think it was meaningful, how Vincent took her face with his clawed hand instead of his real one. Like.... It's another form of how serious and deep this moment is, how they're finding a connection with each other through their confusion and so-called flaws.

Reply Devi (Guest), 20th Apr 2008

btw, the Penelo incentive is lovely.

Reply Kevin (Guest), 3rd Feb 2009

Just read this whole comic and... ...this one is my favorite. It IS better than a kiss, which should teach all of us that physical love is really one of the lowest forms of love, though not that it's bad.

Actually, this whole part reminds me a of a quote...

"Lord, grant that I shall never seek so much to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand, or to be loved as to love with all my heart."

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