Chapter 3 - 132

28th May 2006

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Reply Enkida, 28th May 2006

Yuffie's Hair Whew, it's finally gone. I'll have to get used to drawing short-haired Yuffie again after this. In the next chapter, at least. For the rest of this chapter, we really begin Nanaki's story arc. About time too, I guess. ;-)

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User's Comments:

Reply Sorceress Fujin (Guest), 28th May 2006

OO! I get back from vacation and lots to see!! EXCELLENT!!!

Reply Selun_chen (Guest), 29th May 2006

Pretty I must say, you have improved a lot since the first drawing, which is good progress, I read your story at and I like that you decided to make it a comic, keep up the good work

Reply Nanaki (hehe) (Guest), 29th May 2006

I love Growth and am here every update to see what happens! My nickname Nanaki is inspired by the comic and the game at my school amoungst us FF7 lovers, purely because of the characteristics between me and Nanaki, meh it all works! :) Keep up the comic, its GR8!

Reply chaotic_chocobo (Guest), 29th May 2006

I love this! muahhahahaha... uh yeah.... Grin!

Reply Tami (Guest), 29th May 2006

I love this comic so much that I just want to BITE INTO IT. I love, love, love your style, your art, your writing - bliss.

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 29th May 2006

Lurve the comic! Wonderful fancomic! It is awesome how you keep everyone from drifting into OOC. It really is hard, ya know, keeping Vincent in character! Keep updating!

Reply guesty (Guest), 29th May 2006

Awww. I liked the long-ish hair :(

Reply Enkida, 29th May 2006

Me too, actually. Hah, yeah, I know. I like drawing long hair so much more than drawing short hair. You can make it... toss in the breeze dramatically for no reason and stuff! But, it doesn't seem like Yuffie's thing to have dramatic long hair, though. At least we all still have Vincent. :-)

Reply Kuba (Guest), 29th May 2006

RRGH?! Oh no!


You could always have Nanaki let himself go and have long hair...


Er... maybe not

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