Chapter 3 - 133

30th May 2006

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Reply Enkida, 30th May 2006

Seeing Red The rest of this chapter is going to be a big fat cat challenge. Mostly because I'm actually highly allergic to cats, so I don't have a cute little pet to draw body references from., here I come... ;-)

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Reply Pyrasaur (Guest), 30th May 2006

I've noticed that cougars have a very similar body and facial build, plus there's no mane to cover things up. Maybe Googling cougar pics would make for good Nanaki refs?

The comic's pretty cool so far, it's great that you're sticking with such a big, demanding project. Keep up the good work!

Reply Sorceress Fujin (Guest), 31st May 2006

Another great page!

Reply Selan (Guest), 31st May 2006

Hey Enkida, Just found your comic today. I love it! it's really good, with a great storyline as well. Keep it up, i'll be reading and voting :)

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 31st May 2006

Wow, another awesomely drawn pannel! Keep up teh good work. ^___^;;

Reply Kuba (Guest), 31st May 2006

Wow... Nanaki is going to kick some ass! Watch out!

Great panel.


I know a thing or two about cat anatomy and I work with big cats on a consistant basis. If you have any questions feel free to ask. My email is

Reply Kepora (Guest), 22nd Feb 2007

Catdog Well, in Advent Children (and in the game) nanaki also exhibited many canine qualities. he barks, growls, howls, and when you think about it, Wolves are MUCH mroe prominent in Native American culture, which the Cosmo area is modeled after.

On an alternate note, I prefer to imagine him as both AND neither. he has traits of canines and felines, but is his own seperate species. if I remember correctly, I believe his species is called the "Nox"

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