Chapter 3 - 134

1st Jun 2006

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Reply Enkida, 3rd Jun 2006

What are the Gi? Hey everyone, thanks for your comments so far. First off, the comic updates M-W-F, for those who are interested. About the Gi Tribe: Well, strictly game canon speaking, they are a mixture of both giant Nanaki-like cats and some kind of humanoid wyvern-riding creatures; if you fight in the cavern with the Nanaki party, you run into equal numbers of skeleton cats as you do skeletal ghost-riders. And of course who the heck knows what exactly a 'Gi Nattak' is, besides a big blob and two floating triangles next to it? However, for the purposes of this story, the Gi are a cat tribe. It's true that Seto is filled with stone arrows, but... well, I like to think that all these fire cats can have some fancy porcupine-like headdresses doing some of the action for them. I promise you, Nanaki's part of the story is not a boring one; the comic is called 'Growth' for a reason besides materia - all three characters' stories end up colliding with each other to make a unified whole in the end. At least, I hope they do. Still, if you're only following this for the human parts, you'll probably enjoy the next chapter quite a bit, so just hang in there. Thanks for reading!

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Reply Kuba (Guest), 1st Jun 2006

Woah... spooky.

I always pictured the Gi as humans. It seems like something the species would do, especially if the Gi were paid off by Shinra to exterminate the population of Cosmo Canyon.

Reply Sorceress Fujin (Guest), 1st Jun 2006

OoO! Nice page!

Reply Fiora (Guest), 2nd Jun 2006

Gorgeous comic so far. I love what you've done with it... The bit with Yuffie and her mother, and this page is indeed spooky as Kuba said.

As for the Gi being humans, wasn't Nanaki's dad filled with spears? Meh, whatever they were in the game, I like the comic's version, and seeing Nanaki's emotions.

Reply that guy (Guest), 3rd Jun 2006

Nice. That's about all I have to say. Wouldn't mind knowing if this comic has an update schedule though.

Reply cooledskin (Guest), 3rd Jun 2006

Woot. My first comment, but I've been reading for a while. Personally, I wouldn't care if we never saw Nanaki again. I'm in it for Yuffie <3
But i do intensely enjoy the Gi ghost, so I'm a little torn?

Reply Ressara (Guest), 4th Jun 2006

Gi There were as mentioned a bunch of humanoid and animal like beings. It could also be interpreted as the Gi tribe having close bonds with a human tribe as Nanaki protects Cosmo Canyon and its people. So it could be human's lances/arrows, or it could be weapons off of a headdress. FF7 was really vauge on some aspects, so fan fiction writers get to have all the fun interpreting that they want really.
P.S. Love the story, beautiful art.

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