Chapter 7 - 353

22nd Apr 2008

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Reply Enkida, 22nd Apr 2008

I hope everyone had a nice, environmentally conscious Earth Day yesterday.

I barely got this page done in time. I am so tired right now it ain't funny... however I did conquer the phpBB 3.0+ style system. Go me. You can have a look at what I do when I'm not drawing comics here (site is in German, though).

Friday's page should be on time, I think I can get back to a regular comic schedule again by tomorrow. :)

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User's Comments:

Reply zangoules (Guest), 22nd Apr 2008

cute haha im first also this is cute and vincent is being a boyfriend im loveing this

Reply SuperHeroReject, 22nd Apr 2008

Now it if I had wrote this story (Sadly my writting skills aren't up to par.) Vincent and Yuffie would have kissed on this page. :)

Reply CareBear (Guest), 22nd Apr 2008

*sniff* *sniff* not crying! *sniff*

Beautiful work! *sniff*

Reply andygoth, 22nd Apr 2008

Hey Yuffie, that's Eiko's line! :^)

Enkida, thanks again for drawing this for me: oting_097.jpg

Reply your shadow, 22nd Apr 2008

well done^^ *claping*

Reply Devi (Guest), 22nd Apr 2008

Oh man, such a *lovely* page! (I hope you don't get sick of me raving - I mean it every time.)

When you can have a moment like this with someone (like Yuffie and Vincent are having right now), you *know* it's love.

Reply BJ Blazkowicz, 23rd Apr 2008

I'm Mr Lonely
I have nobody
All on my own....

Reply Winged Knight (Guest), 23rd Apr 2008

Manly Tears It is not unmanly to cry at moments like these. *Cries manly tears*

Reply sweetie (Guest), 23rd Apr 2008

:) This is so sweet...The art makes it even sweeter.

Reply andygoth, 23rd Apr 2008

404'ed! I updated the search page to use ~enkida instead of ~iwakura. This fixes both the site icon and the art link.

However, I see that the site icon link is still broken for the FAQ and Links pages. Also, ~iwakura is still in use for greytitle.jpg at the bottom of the art gallery. There are numerous 404s on and .

Reply Naleh (Guest), 24th Apr 2008

*wipes away a tear* C-crying? No-hic-no I'm not *sniffle* I can't help it if I'm a sucker for tender moments! *sniffle*

Reply Zhai, 24th Apr 2008

*snif* Yay C;

Reply Rage Nakasa, 24th Apr 2008

Sweet! This is an awesome comic. You should post on Drunkduck too.

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