Chapter 7 - 354

24th Apr 2008

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Reply Enkida, 24th Apr 2008

Stop talking to yourself... In case it wasn't clear, Vincent is the one who's inner-monologuing himself... again. Sheesh! ;)

"Growth" is actually mirrored on Drunk Duck, although it's about 240 pages behind this site. On the other hand, people on DD will see page-a-day updates for the rest of the year while it catches up. ;-)

In random news, my yard is kicking my ass. Bushes should not be able to grow that much in the space of a year. Ouch!

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Reply Enkida, 25th Apr 2008

Icons and links I think I fixed all the broken links, but if any of you see one breaking still, tell me!

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Reply andygoth, 24th Apr 2008

Please smile. Yay, closeups!

I'm sure you know that Nobuo Uematsu formed a music company called Smile Please. I tell you, that's the most awesomest possible name for anything! It's like a command word that has irresistible power over the human mind. Seriously! You can't help but obey! Don't tell me you didn't just smile while reading this!

Enkida, I documented a few 404s in my comment on the previous page. Please look into fixing them, 'cuz I'd like to give some friends links to those pages.

Reply Kitty Silver, 24th Apr 2008

:3 It seems that now that Vincent is getting close with Yuffie he seems that he looks younger and cuter.

Could be that less frowny face = more fangirls

:D A backyard? Definitly not in the city then. Bushes are evil but rose bushes with thorns are the worst.

One thing to look forward to moving south is that there is no fall! Or winter. Anybody get bunnies in their yard? I swear once I get my own garden I'm going to make it so good that there will be rabbits. Then catch and eat them with whatever I grew in the yard of course.

Reply Neph (Guest), 24th Apr 2008

Bunnie Eater! O___O

No! Those poor little bunnies have so much to live for! ....Or maybe not, but still. :P

I love Yuffie's posture, and Vincent's hand still on her shoulder. It's just so meaningful and stuff, how far they've both come, especially him. :)

It's also kind of funny to see both of their thoughts. He's all, "Hey, this isn't so bad." And she's thinking, "Whoa, what's going on? This is weird!"

And "Please smile." He looks kind of worried and earnest, in a Vincent Valentine way, you know. It's a total "Awwww!" moment. It deserves applause! Yay, Vincent! You've come so far....

....Another musical possibility, perhaps? O__o

Reply Rage Nakasa, 24th Apr 2008

:) This made me feel good. I love this comic. also may I use this parring Idea for my McChocobo's Comic?

Reply andygoth, 24th Apr 2008

Bunnies Here in Texas, I have bunnies in my yard. Some of them are really huge, like jackrabbits.

I also have four dogs and a cat. They love bunnies. :^) One time I found a dead bunny in the house with one of its legs torn off. It was totally exsanguinated by that point, so there was no mess. My cat and I had some fun examining its insides before I gave it a trash can burial.

"Bunnie Eater" reminds me of this: . Disclaimer: prepare to be disappointed. No bunnies are eaten in this page.

Reply CareBear (Guest), 24th Apr 2008

Wow, he's getting rather deep. *drool*

Great awsome job!

Reply doom Bubbles, 24th Apr 2008

that's deep man.

Reply Devi (Guest), 24th Apr 2008


Reply TyranT (Guest), 25th Apr 2008

Bunnies are EVIL-See Monty Python and the Holy Grail for proof.

Page is awesome, i really want to see how this all ends up.

Good luck with the bush!

Reply Winged Knight (Guest), 25th Apr 2008

Wow He's saying exactly the right things. Damn, I'm kinda jealous.

Reply Dark-Chaos, 25th Apr 2008

This page is amazing, the only thing that would make it better would be that lack of bunny eating ¬_¬

Seriously, you've done a lovely job on this. Infact on that close-up you even included the materia. It can be so easy to forget something like that... you even showed the 'linked' detail on them ^-^

Reply pathanos, 25th Apr 2008

<quote>:3 It seems that now that Vincent is getting close with Yuffie he seems that he looks younger and cuter.</quote>

[if that works here]

all I have to say is vincent is cute regardless

Reply andygoth, 25th Apr 2008

<apology>Nope, sorry pathanos. This comment page doesn't support custom XML. &frowny;</apology>

Hehehe. :^)

Reply Kitty Silver, 25th Apr 2008

XD I think people get a certain glow or something that makes them cuter when they're in love. :P Which might make some sense as to why there are those people that are attracted to people who are taken.

Bunnies being so cute and cuddly must be tasty things. Nom nom nom.

Reply andygoth, 25th Apr 2008

re-404 still has a broken image at the bottom of the page. Grep for ~iwakura in the page source.

Reply your shadow, 25th Apr 2008

nice! go vince cheer her up : )

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 25th Apr 2008

I was watching my friend's dog, and my rabbit scared the crap out of it. My rabbit is bigger than the dog, so I guess that's reasonable. XD
It's not fat, I swear. It's a Jackrabbit/other rabbit mix-thing. We don't even know.

Reply Neph (Guest), 25th Apr 2008

Competition?! OMG, Vince! Them darn rabbits are getting almost as much attention as you!!! When has something like that ever happened before? What are you gonna do about that?!


Reply Enkida, 26th Apr 2008

Jackrabbits - which we have plenty of - are really cute as long as you don't have a garden. If you do have a garden, they suddenly join the same class as slugs, squirrels, pigeons, crows and deer. That is, MURDER ON SIGHT. Right now I'm at the 50-50 point, I don't think we have rabbits so I wouldn't mind seeing one, but if I ever get around to planting herbs and vegetables like I want to, they're going to become Enemies of the State. XD

Reply haku (Guest), 26th Apr 2008

'smile please'
That is GOLDEN.

Reply Kevin (Guest), 4th Feb 2009

Mask I gotta say, I don't like it when Vincent tells her to smile. He already knows it's a mask. It's like he's asking her to put her mask back on, and thinks it's for her own good. She should leave it off. It was fake anyway.

But I'm sure this situation is more realistic (unfortunately). But then again, I don't really read fiction for it to be too realistic.

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