Chapter 7 - 355

27th Apr 2008

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Reply Aya (Guest), 27th Apr 2008

Wo0t! So cute!! Vincent's face when Yuffie's giggling is so priceless!

Reply Jack Soulflayer (Guest), 27th Apr 2008

God I love your comic, good to see Yuffie smiling again.

Reply andygoth, 27th Apr 2008

Vincent, flustered!? Incredible!

Reply CareBear (Guest), 27th Apr 2008

Love it! Love it!

Reply Gado (Guest), 27th Apr 2008

heh "i said that outloud?" priceless
poor vinnie

Reply Ashenine (Guest), 27th Apr 2008

*giggle* Vinnie and Yuffie sitting on a tree ~

K-I-S-S- *gets shot*

Reply Devi (Guest), 27th Apr 2008

The "What?!" chibis are priceless. And the giggling, and... gosh, I love this page!

"...else Nanaki will really notice something different about us." - Dogs can smell fear, firecats can smell love? *grins*

Reply Soulmage, 27th Apr 2008

Oh... OH GOD... Is... is Vincent BLUSHING?!? *spasms in an uncontrollable giggle fit*
*is still giggling 5 minutes later...*
he he he he he... whoooo... that's cute.
And the chibi's are great, BTW.


Reply Dark-Chaos, 27th Apr 2008

Poor Valintine, caught opening his mouth one of the very few times he shouldn't of. ^-^

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 27th Apr 2008

Awww.... Vincen't just a 3 muskateers that someone left in the frige for a few months and is thawing NOW, full of chocolate nougat.

I need and the What? Chibi's are awesome.

Reply Ninjin (Guest), 27th Apr 2008

Freaking hilarious Flustered Vince = Instant win.

I love how Yuffie is reaching for his hand in the last panel. I wonder how he'll react. :)

Reply andygoth, 28th Apr 2008

When their hands touch, I'm expecting them to get zapped by a spontaneous Bolt3.

Reply Speedpiss (Guest), 28th Apr 2008

most likely It's either that bolt3 or a Pale Horse... Damn i hate pale horse "goes off to grumble in a corner"

Reply Rage Nakasa, 28th Apr 2008

Sooo Cute! I love this page. I so want to use this parring in my comic... sprite comic...:( I wish I could draw.

Reply andygoth, 7th May 2008

Page title I just noticed that this page is numbered #255. Shouldn't that be #355?

Update: It's fixed now. Thanks! That would have screwed up my search engine, once we get this page transcribed. (Hint!)

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