Chapter 7 - 356

8th May 2008

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Reply Enkida, 29th Apr 2008

Not coloured yet... I ran out of time yesterday, so this will get coloured sometime today. Sorry about that! ^__^;

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Reply Enkida, 9th May 2008

Coloured! This page was guest-coloured by servantofsheval. It's absolutely beautiful, isn't it? :D Thank you so much, Christina!

You know, with the string of guest artists who've been helping colour and/or ink pages of the comic in the past few weeks, I can't help but feel an immense amount of gratitude that you guys are helping out, as well as awe at your collective art skills. I hope all you guest contributors to the comic know how much you truly rock. Keep up the good work, and shower the world with more of those mad crazy art skills! :)

User's Comments:

Reply skystears, 29th Apr 2008

That sure looks appetizing!

Reply Ninjin (Guest), 29th Apr 2008

Bad kitty He ruined such an awesome moment. Oh well, at least them parting was hilarious.

Reply CareBear (Guest), 29th Apr 2008

The cat just had to ruin the moment. Man! Oh well...
Awsome job by the way! Keep up the good work!

Reply andygoth, 29th Apr 2008

Xzar said it best "Smiles, everyone! Smiles! This is like some great fantasy."

Reply Kitty Silver, 29th Apr 2008

Well that is no bunny... Vorpal bunny maybe but still the only things that you can possibly eat there are dragons and tonberries.

D: Not cooked and he knows enough that they won't eat it raw. Baaaad kitty!

Reply daidaishar, 29th Apr 2008

mmmm, raw meat....

Reply Lauranis (Guest), 29th Apr 2008

Mmm, raw meat of unknown origins, how unresistable.

Reply Mitani, 29th Apr 2008

whelp one fire3 on the way ^~

Reply Amarou, 29th Apr 2008

I love how they part, and Yuffie looks happy still and Vincent seems to be the more annoyed one. XD <3

Reply Rage Nakasa, 29th Apr 2008

the kitty... I guess they can't cook... oh boy...

Reply Devi (Guest), 29th Apr 2008

I guess that's the firecats' equivalent of bread and salt?

Yuffie: Shouldn't we cook it first?
Vincent: No, they might be offended. Just chew and smile...
Yuffie: Easy for you.

RE: Amarou - Oh yeah, Vincent is *glaring*. "Can't you see we were having a moment here?" He obviously does cherish being with Yuffie (awwwwww...), or else he wouldn't be so pissy about having their alone time broken up.

Reply Butterscotch, 30th Apr 2008


Reply Naleh (Guest), 30th Apr 2008

Aww the moments gone... Ah well, at least he gave them something er 'tasty' to eat... o.o0 what is it anyway? ugh, I hope it's not Tomberry... >.>

Reply Aya (Guest), 30th Apr 2008

Your Meal ...I'm not gunna ask what that blob of... dripping stuff is. Awesome strip though!

Reply andygoth, 1st May 2008

It's May 1. Time for voting!!

Hey, my mother's birthday is coming up in about a week. I already took her out to dinner last night, so I'm covered. :^)

Reply Enkida, 1st May 2008

Going to be a bit of a delay Hi folks. I have 8 ("eight") family holidays coming up in the space of 2 ("two") weeks. Like usual every May. Anyway Friday's page is going to be late because I'm going to be spending the day with my dad (Happy Father's day) and my mom (Happy Birthday), followed up by preparing for the rest of May Sweeps. And since I have space to write it, happy anniversary mom and dad, happy birthday Michelle, oh, and coo-coo-cachoo Vivian, happy birthday dad, happy Mother's day mom, happy Mother's day, the other mom, and happy birthday, Jess. I'm sorry if I forgot anyone, I'll remember it next year... ;-)

Reply Heartless666 (Guest), 1st May 2008

ugh >_< Ugh >_<

Just started reading this whole comic yesterday and as soon as i got into it; i ran into a dead end XP

it's a WONDERFUL story to an already PERFECT one.

keep it up :D

Reply BJ Blazkowicz, 1st May 2008

Mmmm...Meat... Just remember to eat your meat kids.
It's a valuable source of protein for strong muscles and who knows what else.

Reply Guest, 2nd May 2008

lacrima arr...such a romantic moment! I adore your comic.

Reply Coco (Guest), 2nd May 2008

Cute. They have such lovey dovey looks on their faces in the first panel.

Reply Speedpiss (Guest), 4th May 2008

Pale Horse that lump of meat reminds me of what i felt like my characters became when hit by a damned Pale Horse..... *grumble* oh but awesome work as always

Reply Rising Dragon (Guest), 9th May 2008

...meat... Nice colouring job! XD
love the effect on the meat panel...
very okami...
and upon seeing such an unapitizing glob of mamal derived protien - Vincent and Yuffie both hurl their cookies in between pannels...i know i would.

can't wait to read next strip. keep at it. XD.

Reply andygoth, 9th May 2008

Yummy colors Thanks, ServantofSHEVAL! This is gorgeous, except of course for the red glob of whatsit. :^)

You know, I might just buy some colored pencils and see if I still know how to use them. :^)

I briefly entertained the thought of coloring this one myself, but (1) I knew I had no time to do it, and (2) I was afraid to try and color Borah's face. Good job on it; it's perfect!

Hey, were those curlicues in the first panel also present in the uncolored version, or did you (Christina) add them? They look pretty cool.

Reply Darricks (Guest), 10th May 2008

. . . Cook the cat *narrows eyes*

Reply Svarog (Guest), 10th May 2008

Vincent's Drawing If you look back to the first comics, we can see that Vincent's hair is done differently. I'd prefer the him to still have that style of hair in the comics. If thats not possible, thats fine with me. Change the hair only if you have time to; I understand things can get pretty busy and suddenly there's no time to do the fun things anymore! ^___^

Reply Winged Knight (Guest), 10th May 2008

I'm gonna regret saying this I really am. It's crass and vulgar and most likely more than bit rude. But, ah well. I resisted the first time with the black and white strip but I can't now.

Kitty cock block.

Reply BJ Blazkowicz, 10th May 2008

Good grief. Burn the cat! Tie him to a stake and burn him I say!

Reply vincent1292, 10th May 2008

wonderful great colors thrown in. love it =D

Reply Enkida, 11th May 2008

Kitty cock block? I lol'd. XD THANKS A LOT BORAH!

Also, at the beginning of the comic I styled Vincent's hair after his 3D render in the original game. Later on, I switched over to styling it like it is in DoC. That's why it looks different now. I highly recommend you don't study Vincent's hair in DoC - unless you're watching one of the FMVs, it's pretty ugly, tending towards brown instead of black and worst of all, *curly* if you look close enough.

Reply Devi (Guest), 12th May 2008

Don't know about "curly" - I would call it "wavy" (though in my mind, Vincent still has sleek hair, DoC be damned).

Great colouring, ServantofSHEVAL, esp. Borah's face!

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