Chapter 3 - 135

4th Jun 2006

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Reply Enkida, 4th Jun 2006

Colour I didn't think I'd actually get this page done in time, and then I found my watercolour pencils. That motivated me to try a colour page. Little did I know that watercolour paper is murder on my inking pens. ^^; Wednesday's page will be in colour too.

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User's Comments:

Reply Steff (Guest), 4th Jun 2006

Ooh, I love thr colour. Aw, poor Nanaki...

Reply Sorceress Fujin (Guest), 5th Jun 2006

WOW! I love it! I love the color, it makes it look so much more real.

Reply Grey Wolf (Guest), 5th Jun 2006

the color really makes the page. any sharper or plain it would have lost it's momentum. ok i'm babbling. great page!

Reply TimboSister (Guest), 5th Jun 2006

Oh yeah...Your comic is definetly more pleasing to the eye in colour.
Very pretty.

Reply Dark Nanaki (Guest), 5th Jun 2006

1 word, WOW! wonder what happens next....

Reply Mauri (Guest), 5th Jun 2006

wow awsome color

Reply Kuba (Guest), 5th Jun 2006

This is clearly one of your best pages yet. Though it concerns me that you thought you would not get this done.

I love this style and would love to see it used more, but not at the cost of you being stressed or overburdened.

Enkida has to worry about Enkida, first and foremost.

Reply Fiora (Guest), 6th Jun 2006

aww I just want to give him a hug! The coloring is a really awesome treat, though for the most I perfer the blacks and greys. The color looks nice in this one though, very pretty! I'd like to see a colored vincent at some point too maybe ^_-

Reply anon (Guest), 7th Aug 2006

i liked it better in black/white, the more complicated you try and make things, the more chances you have of failing

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 25th Oct 2006

I want to give Red a big hug :(

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