Chapter 7 - 357

11th May 2008

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Reply Enkida, 11th May 2008

On time for once! Something fundamental might have changed for Vincent, but that doesn't mean Yuffie has fundamentally changed. ;-) And so chapter 7 comes to a conclusion! Wow, you guys realize this comic is almost finished? Only two more chapters to go!

If you guys go vote and pull Growth out of the 80's, I'll do my best to update 3x this week. Besides, it's a nice incentive this time, Rosa from FF4. :-)

Also, happy mother's day to all the moms out there!

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Reply andygoth, 11th May 2008

What does dragon taste like? It looks pretty grody.

I will do my part to vote! I already managed to vote two times today. (To vote, click on the blue TWC rank icon just below "POST A COMMENT". And do it every day, from as many computers as possible!)

Isamu (below), you're very right about the last panel. I especially dig the juxtaposition of his pissed eye-roll face with Yuffie's cute wide-eyed, wide-mouthed half-blush face.

Green jerky! What is the deal with that?

Enkida: You did replace ~iwakura with ~enkida on the art gallery, but greytitle.jpg is still a 404.

Reply Isamu (Guest), 11th May 2008

long time reader first time >__< anywhooo this page is awesome. Vincent's face in the last panel is priceless xD

Reply Aya (Guest), 11th May 2008

Yuffie's expression is priceless! The Chibi's in the third panel are adorable and Vincent's face in the last is awesome! I'd vote, but I'm not sure where to vote at.

Reply Devi (Guest), 12th May 2008

LOL! What an awesome chapter ending! Vincent's expressions, and Yuffie... being Yuffie, priceless!

Lovely Rosa too.

Reply Speedpiss (Guest), 12th May 2008

nice... now that is a man who has just had his illusion crushed entirely XD

Reply SuperHeroReject, 12th May 2008

Oh my goodness. I love the Chibi Vincent in the 4th pannel an dI love the expression he gives in the last pannel! haha.

Reply ServantofSHEVAL (Guest), 12th May 2008

Haha! Expressions here are wonderful! Sorry, Yuffie, for making your meal so unappetizing... XD

Reply Dark-Chaos, 12th May 2008

Nearly over... :(
Any ideas what you'll do once this is finished? Something new? Something based on another fic? Or give yourself a much deserved break? ^_^

And yeah, this one really is funny. She had to eat a processed dragon. Not willing to cast a small Fira spell to BBQ the raw one ^,^

Reply Klebkatt, 12th May 2008



XD That's an awesome way to end a chapter, better than what it was in the fanfiction. XD

Reply Sephalthos (Guest), 12th May 2008

Consider It Done I agree enkida, only 2-3 more chapters to go, since I thought you first said it was going to be 10 chapters full, since your fan-fiction was that many, but if I am wrong, just speak of it, after all, it is your creation, & work of art.

As for voting for you to help yourself get out of the 80's in this flawed comic archive, consider my vote yours, & well deserved.

Reply CareBear (Guest), 12th May 2008

Man, V's got it bad! So much in love that he is even willing to protect her from the nasty food! Okay...well, maybe not... but that's how I see it anyway.

Awsome chapter ending!

Reply Enkida, 12th May 2008

Q&A Q: What am I going to do after this is done? Celebrate, haha! Actually what I'm really going to do is switch to full time production on my other (original) webcomic, Nescience. ( I hope when this is over, you'll all join me again for another romp through a fantasy universe, this time outside of Square-Enix's range.

The fanfiction has 9 chapters in total plus one epilogue. This comic should have 10 chapters in total and maybe one epilogue, depending on how long "Chapter 10" gets. The comic doesn't end differently from the fic, but I will take the story a little farther.

Reply Guest, 12th May 2008

dAnA I'm so happy something fundamental's changed :3

Reply Dibby (Guest), 13th May 2008

You have no idea how happy I was to see that one of the sound effects for Yuffie eating was *NOM NOM*. Now, if only it had been *OMNOMNOMNOM*...

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 14th May 2008

lolzorz yuuummmmm dragon jerky.
The look on Vincents face in that last panel is priceless. Bless Yuffie, she can be so ditzy at times, but that's why we love her, guess Vincent loves her for that same reason too. Bless them both.

Reply Neph (Guest), 18th May 2008

I will protect you from food poisoning. "Even from this." That made me laugh. 8D

This whole page is chuckle-worthy and a great end to the chapter. :D Can't wait to see what's up next!

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