Chapter 8 - Cover

13th May 2008

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Reply Enkida, 14th May 2008

Why is Red mad?! ... because I forgot to draw his bracers! Oops! XD Seriously you'll find out why in this chapter, which I actually like to call "Nanaki's Story." :-)

Thank you for all the wonderful commentary! I really appreciate it. Yeah, I think I've changed a lot since starting this comic too. I still don't think I draw well enough, but after 300 or so pages, I learned to let go and have fun with it, rather than stressing out over the fact that "I'll never be as good as *insert artist name here*!" So what? I'm having fun, seems like you guys are having fun, and I'm still learning something every time I make a page, so might as well enjoy it! :)

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Reply ServantofSHEVAL (Guest), 13th May 2008

*happydance* Yay first comment! Love the art, as usual. The faces are all so expressive. Pretty chapter cover, but I can't wait 'til we get into the plot again. XP

Reply andygoth, 13th May 2008

Wound up Nanaki's ready to pounce. Watch out!

Is that Yuffie's hand in Vincent's gauntlet? Interesting.

Kitty Silver (below): Even though I refer to it as a gauntlet, in this comic it's actually a mechanical hand. Remember #312 when Kirlaskia and I were joking about metal parts? I'm pretty sure that in the game there's a real hand inside.

Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 13th May 2008

But its just a gauntlet? I'd hold his hand while he wear that too. Not picky which hand to long as its clean.

T_T Poor Red isn't getting love while the most unlikely couple are. XD

Reply Shireenko (Guest), 13th May 2008

I love their pose! =D

Reply Devi (Guest), 13th May 2008

Beautiful cover indeed! The handhold is lovely, not just from a 'shipper perspective, but because the pose is beautiful.

Reply TyranT (Guest), 14th May 2008

Wow I just went back and re-read this comic all the way from the original b&w first chapter...all i can say is wow. If you weren't before, you should be damn proud of yourself enkida. Take a few minutes to pat yourself on the back. over the years this has taken to complete, i've seen your growth (pun intended) as an artist, and seemingly your disposition too (back in the early chapters you seemed a little stressed and apologetic about seemingly trivial things, but now you seem to be having a lot of fun with this),so i'd just like to say congrats on an awesome job so far, and i'm eagerly anticipating the final 3 chapters.

Oh yeah, and this cover rocks my socks. There. i'll stop un-neccisarily gushing now. :p

Reply pathanos, 14th May 2008

hmmmm yuffie

nuff said ^.^

Reply Nazareth Valentine (Guest), 14th May 2008

yay! whoaa, i cant believe its chapter 8 allready!
I love their expressions..=]
Do you think Nanaki will not aprove of things happening between them? As in he will get angry?? =/

Reply Vincent (Guest), 14th May 2008

Love the Cover,Yuffie holding hands with Vincent.Red looks kinda it beacuse of Vincent and Yuffie?or is it beacuse The Gi Tribe did something wrong?

Reply CareBear (Guest), 14th May 2008

Amazing! All I can say is absolutely amazing!

Reply andygoth, 14th May 2008

Comparing artists What, are you crazy? You're loads better than *insert artist name here*, and you always have been! Besides, I can't stand *insert artist name here*; his or her comics are little better than stick figures.

Reply Norris_chucker (Guest), 15th May 2008

:) I love how you drew this! You are improving definetly.

Reply Eumary, 20th May 2008

Enkida, even if you're having fun, you've improved lots and lots since the first comic. I'm glad of that.

Also, lovely cover! It inspired me to draw a Yuffentine fanart :D

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