Chapter 8 - 359

15th May 2008

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Reply Enkida, 15th May 2008

Thank you! Thanks for voting and pulling Growth's ratings out of the pit! This page will be coloured before the weekend. Hopefully before too many of you notice, haha. ;-)

There's a new Nescience page up, for those who follow my other comic. Once again inked and coloured by the wonderful KoShiatar, go check it out! :D

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Reply Enkida, 16th May 2008

Got colored! phew :)

Reply Enkida, 19th May 2008

Arg Will try to get the next page up by tomorrow; I had a busy weekend and have a busier evening planned so a bit short on time ATM. Sorry! ^^;

User's Comments:

Reply Soulmage, 15th May 2008

Rawr! Lift your head high, Nanaki! >:-0
OMG, *notices lack of color* ;-P


Reply andygoth, 15th May 2008

Panel #1 I really dig the close-up of Nanaki in the first panel.

Update: colors = DOUBLE WIN! :^)

Reply pathanos, 16th May 2008

3!! :) love it!

Reply sedirex (Guest), 16th May 2008

Some time you should try posting what the comic looks like in every stage of creation. It'd be interesting to see exactly what you do to make a page, and compare each of the steps side-by-side

Reply Devi (Guest), 16th May 2008

Wow, lovely colouring! And lovely page, period - you draw Nanaki so expressive.

Reply your shadow, 16th May 2008

nice, you dont have to tell me but i would like to know how you add such awsome color, i would like to add some color to my work^^

Reply Guest, 17th May 2008

:3 aww...Nanaki looks like such a depressed kitty...Don't we all just want to give him a great big hug?
-keep up the great art!

Reply BJ Blazkowicz, 17th May 2008

The scuffle is probably the sound of Nanaki's girlfriend to be.
Also did you know that Nanaki is an anagram of Anakin? As in Anakin Skywalker a.k.a. Darth Vader.

Reply CareBear (Guest), 17th May 2008

Beautiful as always. Good job!

Reply andygoth, 18th May 2008

What a delightful incentive. Thanks.

Everybody needs to vote and see it. :^)

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