Chapter 8 - 360

19th May 2008

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Reply Enkida, 19th May 2008

Actually... Someone wanted to see "stages of the comic" so here they are again. :P Stage 1: rough sketch. I make most of my decisions when I actually ink, but the sketches are almost always loose.

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Reply Enkida, 20th May 2008

Stage 2 The drawing is inked; I correct some things, and nail down others. Yes, I will be putting all stages in the gallery at a later date. 4 stages in total to make a page. :)

Reply Enkida, 19th Sep 2008

Finished page Still working to restore the gallery via a DevArt account. Please be patient while I restore all your lovely giftart / fanfiction / incentive galleries. :-)

Also page 12 has been updated with Andy Goth's coloured version! Thank you Andy!

User's Comments:

Reply ServantofSHEVAL (Guest), 19th May 2008

aww Aww... Nanaki's so cute when he acts all fake-tough. Poor Vincent's cloak. ><

Reply CareBear (Guest), 19th May 2008

Yeah Nanaki! The cubs are so adorable.

Reply andygoth, 19th May 2008

That first panel is amazing. I eagerly anticipate it being colored, but it also looks great as-is. After you color this page, post this sketch to the gallery.

Reply Devi (Guest), 19th May 2008

Now I feel all happy and warm with *cute*. Thank you, Enkida.

I see the shred of Vincent cloak has become a highly popular toy. ^_~

Reply Darrin777 (Guest), 19th May 2008

Awww Hehe, Nanaki finally gets to have his grown-up moment, intimidating the group of cubs. Love the expressions he makes on the lowest row, as well as the face of the cub holding the cloth.

Enjoy it now Nanaki. Once they know your age, they'll treat you like one as well ^^

Reply On-looker (Guest), 19th May 2008

Okay, I've been watching (or is it reading?) your comic for the past months, I think since Febuary, and I'm so hooked! I think I caught up in like two days, and I stayed up 'till middnight, reading.... on school nights...

Anywho. I just wanted to finally post something....><;

I really envy your coloring, style, and consistancy! I have near the consistancy of slime... Not much there, eh? XD Can't wait to see what happens next! (I'll try to post more often, and register!)

<3 On-looker (Ashley)

Reply Serafim_Azriel, 19th May 2008

I now want to have a collection of those little cubs! They are so adorable!

Reply KaiKudo, 19th May 2008

OMG i really love this page even it is not colored LOL XD

Reply andygoth, 20th May 2008

Yayness This just keeps getting better and better.

Reply CaroShadow (Guest), 20th May 2008

aaaawwwww the cubs are so kyute ^.^

Reply daree (Guest), 20th May 2008

His cloak? ...well it isn't coloured so I'm not sure...

Reply andygoth, 20th May 2008

Inking issue I just noticed that the horizontal line on the top of the lower-left panel looks a little longer that it should be.

Reply KoShiatar, 21st May 2008

Yep, that's his cloak. It's the piece they tore off in page 436, if you look a Vincent's cloak you can see the hole.

Reply Enkida, 23rd May 2008

Stage 3 Colour pencils. Shading not done yet, but I thought I should let you guys know that I'm still alive over here. ;-)

Reply Curaodo (Guest), 23rd May 2008

I've been reading your comic for a couple of months now. And I finally made the tiny effort it was to post a comment.
I love your art, I love your STORY!
I'm a huge fan of FF7. This story is lovable ^^

I have something to say about the coloring on this page. I's absolutely marvellous! It's kinda childish, which, to me, makes it an art of wonder.

I am totally addicted to this story now. I hope with all my heart that it is completed.

Reply Curaodo (Guest), 23rd May 2008

Blast. I forgot to mention that the reason it is so marvellous is because it is a "children's scene", and when coloured as it is, makes it truly funny.

Reply Klebkatt (Guest), 23rd May 2008

The. Cubs. Are. So. CUUUUUUUUUUTE! X3

Reply ShinakaStar (Guest), 23rd May 2008

AWESOME 8D It's been a while since I read your fanfic but reading your comic has made me fall even more in love with your story... The art is a bit rough at times but I have derived great joy from seeing your progress in drawing the characters - Nanaki, in particular. And besides, with the effort you had put into bringing your fanfic to life... How can I really complain? XD Anyways, long story short, I think your work is frickin' AWESOME and that I definitely want you to keep at it. 8D

Reply Ninjin (Guest), 24th May 2008

Nice, but I have a question Very nice. I love the little fire cats.

I like how you're showing us how you do the comic in phases. I just have a question. Why is it that you use pencils to color the comic? Wouldn't it be easier and better looking using a paint program such as photoshop?

Reply andygoth, 24th May 2008

Coloring Ninjin: Coloring using the computer is actually pretty tricky. You're invited to try it out for yourself; just grab an older B&W page and go crazy! Enkida loves it when she gets guest coloring. :^)

Reply Ninjin (Guest), 24th May 2008

I'll try it Andygoth: I'd love to try it. Right now I kinda wish I had the inked version of this page. If someone is willing and able to send it to my email address at I will gladly try it. I don't want to try using the older black and white ones since they are often times not as clean as the new inked ones.

Reply Enkida, 25th May 2008

Ninjin - I'll ink a future page specially for you to try and CG if you want, don't bother re-doing this page. :-)

Everyone else - I'm really sorry, this week has been crazy busy and still is. I will try to get back to the comic as soon as I can, though. :-(

Reply andygoth, 25th May 2008

FF trois Enkida: New incentive! Very nicely done, thanks. I will be voting as much as possible. :^)

Ninjin: If you can't wait to start playing around with color, you can extract the clean line art from one of the pages I already did. I make all the XCFs available. You'll find that each one has a layer with just line art in it.

To find the pages I have done (and their respective XCFs), use these links:

In particular I draw your attention to page #314, because with that one I started from Enkida's line art. On the other ones I had to use masking to remove black and textured regions from an older page.

The GIMP ( ) can read XCF (or compressed XCF.GZ/XCF.BZ2). If you don't like GIMP or don't know how to use it, get it anyhow, use it to extract a single layer, write the layer to PNG (or whatever), and load that into the paint program of your choice.

Reply KoShiatar, 26th May 2008

The new incentive is pretty delicious. It's Refia and Ingus from FF III DS, right?

Reply Neph (Guest), 26th May 2008

Incentive Delicious indeed! :D Is FF III any good?

*wants to go and buy*

Reply raven37 (Guest), 9th Aug 2008

Wow! Again this is some webcomic. Loved it at DD, but I have left DD and just may revive my webcomic here at Smack Jeeves.


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