Chapter 3 - 138

11th Jun 2006

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Reply Enkida, 11th Jun 2006

ARG! You know, I had this page ready to go on time, I just had to scan it in and add the text. Then I found out my mistake: I installed the new Firefox on my PC today, and it screwed me big time. 15 minutes to boot, and none of my Photoshops, any version, will even START. I thought to use my laptop, and then discovered that the disc drive on it was broken so I couldn't install the scanner. I actually had to use my husband's work laptop to get this page scanned. And then port it back to the crap laptop with a memory stick, since he doesn't have an image editing program on his work laptop... plus, this laptop doesn't have any fonts or enough virtual memory to manipulate large graphic files... ah, you're all not interested in this crap. Suffice to say my hair is turning white and I want to sledgehammer all of my computers. But, the update is here, sort of on time. -__-

(readers can make me feel better by voting. or buying me a new computer. but voting is easier.)

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Reply Rayne (Guest), 12th Jun 2006

Hehe, I'd buy you a new computer if I could, but I guess I'll just vote for now. ^^ Nice job with colouring... Still.

Reply Sorceress Fujin (Guest), 12th Jun 2006

Fantastic page! (As usual) Sorry to hear about the computer!

Reply KoShiatar (Guest), 12th Jun 2006

Pretty strange, since usually Firefox and Photoshop work together fine for me...

Reply Naleh (Guest), 12th Jun 2006

As a fan I voted, and will work on bringing this comic up! [insert evil laughter here]

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