Chapter 3 - 140

15th Jun 2006

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Reply Enkida, 15th Jun 2006

Thanks everyone. Whew, so far it's costing us €80 just to see if the hard drive is recoverable. ;__; All of the comments, votes, ratings and general well wishings are very much appreciated, thank you so much! Remember, guys, always back up your important data! In answer to a question, page 139 featured Yuffie's winter costume, black and white. I just wanted to do a sketch of it in colour since it won't appear again in the comic. Today hosts the last panel we'll have of long-haired naked Yuffie, too. Speaking of NAKED, don't forget to vote next week. Vincent fans will probably appreciate it. Check out the news on the front page to learn more. ;-)

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Reply Kuba (Guest), 15th Jun 2006

I am absolutely loving these colored panels. However, what really impresses me is the way you interpret Nanaki's internal he would deal with it. Very few really see forgiveness as a viable solution to such problems. Even though this is a comic strip I feel that you touching on a deeper understanding that few can hardly fathom, not only about Nanaki, but about the nature of conflict resolution.

Exceptional work.

Reply Sorceress Fujin (Guest), 15th Jun 2006

Excellent! This page really gets into what Nanaki is feeling, great job!

Reply Creede (Guest), 17th Jun 2006

Lotsa color Youve been coloring alot, how long are ya gonna keep it up? I bet you cant take very long. Very and go postal in a busy public intersection. beleive me I get pretty sick of coloring in my work, i love the result but i guess i might be a little lazy :/. Anyway, if you keep the color up for more than the next 2 panels i will salute you and eat my left thumb. Dont worry i just mean it like the saying "Then i'll eat my hat" but im kicking it up a notch! BAM! (please dont sue Emmeril)

Reply Tami (Guest), 17th Jun 2006

I absolutely love love love how you do Yuffie's eyes.

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