Chapter 3 - 141

18th Jun 2006

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Reply Enkida, 18th Jun 2006

The room returns! I had so much fun mashing together Bugenhagen's character design, and then you can hardly see it in the page! XD Anyway, I wish that's the last we'd see of Nanaki's room, but it's not. I think the couch looks better than when I did it with screentones, though. Thanks all for the comments - I've always liked Nanaki as a character... he's such a wonderful mix of 50-year-old wisdom and awkward teenager at the same time. As for the colour pages, they're here to stay, because my screentones are still missing along with my HD. ;) Please remember to go vote, there's a new incentive this week. Also, the galleries have been updated. I GOT MY FIRST GIFTART! WOO-HOO!!! *bounces off walls*

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Reply Sorceress Fujin (Guest), 18th Jun 2006

Excellent page! I agree, you did Bugenhagen really well.

Oh, and EXCELLENT incentive image, Yum!

Reply Will-, 19th Jun 2006

You know.. I should probably start posting comments. ^_^

So all the comics will be in color now? Woot. :D

I liked bugenhagn, just reading his speech bubbles makes me remember the theme music from Cosmo Canyon.

And.. that giftart IS pretty yummy. :o

Reply Charles Xavier (Guest), 19th Jun 2006

Like Bugenhagen's glasses. ^_^ Looks like he stole them off Morpheus from the Matrix!

Reply Escavel (Guest), 19th Jun 2006

Huh. Well would you look at that. Sigmund Freud is Bugenhaggen, after all. No really, ggod art in this one. Keep it up.

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