Chapter 4 - Cover

22nd Jun 2006

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Reply Enkida, 21st Jun 2006

Chapter 4 Begins As a lot of you might have already gathered, I don't do covers chronologically like I do the pages; usually I make them in advance. So this was my second watercolour page, I was still trying to get a feel for doing values with the pencils. It was also after my computer wonked out, so sorry about the poor lettering. ^^;

On Nanaki's tail - in the game, it's a ball of fire, in AC, it's a tuft of fur. Since this doesn't really jive with the AC universe, his tail is flame here. ;-)

EDIT: Oh boy. The SJ site underwent (past tense) some code overhaul, and now I have to overhaul these pages. Don't mind the construction for a while, things will be working again soon enough. Also, since I have to update the site anyway, reposted Libra-in-Red's comment so it wouldn't distend the page, and also darkened that shadow a little bit so it doesn't look so much like pee. Remember that, folks, GROWTH is a comic that listens to its readers, and quickly, too! ;-P

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User's Comments:

Reply Will-, 22nd Jun 2006

Charmander-tail it is then. :D

Alrighty, let's see what this chapter has too offer.. ^_^

Reply Kuba (Guest), 22nd Jun 2006

Can you feel the excitement?! A new chapter!

I love the page, Enkida, but I am afraid I have one problem with looks like they are standing in a pool of urine. Maybe it is just me, but I wanted to give my honest opinion.

Reply Will-, 23rd Jun 2006

Now we know.

Lol long link, I tought the page got messed up at first. =/ But thanks, I can now rest easier knowing that someone out there is a red cat with a flamming tail.

Reply Enkida, 23rd Jun 2006

Repost of Guest Comment EDIT for URL length ^^;

LIBRA IN RED (guest) wrote on 23rd Jun 2006
- :D Your comment on Nanaki's tail made me curious...:P So I looked it up! In AC, it actually WAS fire..:D I founded pictures for you..

So! You were right all along!

Reply Sorceress Fujin (Guest), 23rd Jun 2006

OOOoO! I really like how you did Vincent in this one... Yum!

Reply Naleh (Guest), 23rd Jun 2006

i think the water color is neat... squee can't wait for this chapter! ^-^ ...oh and on the nanaki tail on fire talk....i'm just glad my cat's tail isn't like that o.o0

Reply Tami (Guest), 23rd Jun 2006

Eeee! I can't wait for this chapter!

I love love love your character and clothing design - Yuffie, rock out those greens and purples! Also, Vincent, nice flat butt there. We could iron on it, flatbutt.

Reply Kuba (Guest), 23rd Jun 2006


Well, damn Enkida... you did not have to go changing it because of what I thought. I hope you did not cause too much trouble for yourself!

Reply Verian (Guest), 23rd Jun 2006

0.o well I see the "Eeees" "Squees" and "Yums" are all taken, So I'll use something new

ZoMg Dis c0m1c r0xx0rz m4i b0xx0rs

>^.^< And I like Venceint's butt

Reply Will-, 24th Jun 2006

I like all the compliments Vincent's butt is getting. As a flat-bum meself. ^_^

Anyway, can't wait for new chapter. :D

Oh, and I noticed the pee changed colors without reading your post and thought I went crazy. o_O *Reads post* I feel better now.

Reply Aizu (Guest), 25th Jun 2006

Awesome, Its great and forever will be ^-^';

Reply misuzu, 25th Jun 2006

I happen to like flat butted men my self<3!

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