Chapter 4 - 144

25th Jun 2006

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Reply Enkida, 21st Jun 2006

Hey! So, there's Yuffie's new costume, and flat-butt Vincent finally ditched the cloak, for now. There's a new incentive image this week, so go vote please! And don't worry about saying what you think. While flames ARE bad, I really don't mind honest opinions, especially if they help me improve the page. Every comment I've received so far has been helpful, even if it has been a critique. So feel free to speak your mind! :-)

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Reply Will-, 25th Jun 2006

Oh wow. Pretty page. Both Vincent and Yuffie look yummy. :D

Heh, I like the dialogue. It's always funny to pair up social people with recluses.

Oh, and I like the incentive. :D
Gewd stuff, keep it up. ^_^

Reply Kuba (Guest), 25th Jun 2006

Nanaki has been missing?! Get a search party going, Yuffie! Quit oggling at flat-ass Vincent and get a move on!

Not only is this a great page, the social interactions between such different personalities (as Will pointed out) are quite fascinating.

Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 26th Jun 2006

:/ I just think that Yuffie's hair should be darker looks like she has Reno's hair color now. XD

Reply Will-, 26th Jun 2006

Nuuu! Don't change her hair color! I have an unhealthy fondness for redheads. ^_^
(That must expain why I thought she was so much prettier.. wait the word I used was yummier. ^_^)

Anyway.. meh good point. Yuffie's more brunette. =/ But red is pretty too. :p

Reply Kuba (Guest), 26th Jun 2006

The hair is from the spilled blood of her enemies which, over time, has dyed her hair a deep crimson.

Beware Yuffie.

Reply Enkida, 26th Jun 2006

Hee hee. I'll darken up her hair next week. I've actually drawn a bunch of pages in advance so there's no changing it for the next couple of pages. Still getting the hang of this pencil stuff, after all. ^^;

Reply sarafan, 27th Jun 2006

hehe... yufie's bugging vincent again..

Reply KoShiatar (Guest), 27th Jun 2006

Wow! Is this really the same Enkida who drew the first chapters? The comic has improved drammatically in color, and the style too seems to be changing for the better. I like Yuffie´s new costume, very Cosmo Canyon-style.
You´re also experimenting with camera angles, something you rarely did before, with a good result, I think.
Just pay more attention to proportions and anatomy, especially in the face; their features look slightly out of place at times.

Reply Reno's Stalker, 24th Dec 2006 hair...Is Reno in this comic?
Reno: Please say no! Please say no!

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