Chapter 4 - 145

27th Jun 2006

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Reply Enkida, 22nd Jun 2006

Control IS overrated. Ah, Yuffie and her big mouth... About the hair colour - I'm actually on vacation this week and I drew all of these pages in advance. ^^; There'll still be a new incentive image next Monday, and I'll work on getting her hair to its proper chocolate later on. Right now, just think of it as ... uh... really bright sunlight!

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User's Comments:

Reply Will-, 27th Jun 2006

Heh. It is indeed overrated. :D

Vincent could not look more bored lol.

Ah well. It was nice to have redhead while it lasted. XD

Reply ZexionSchemes (Guest), 27th Jun 2006

Hehe, I agree. Vincent does look bored. x3 I like it.

Reply nega-chin (Guest), 27th Jun 2006

heh, in truth its more like 'Why can't Yuffie act a bit less perky all the time...she makes me seem more emo than I really am'

Reply Will-, 28th Jun 2006

I think we can all agree the poor fellow wishes he was elsewhere. ^_^

Reply Grey Wolf (Guest), 28th Jun 2006

i like vincent's expression, one more second and he might fall over backwards

Reply Lone Gunman (Guest), 28th Jun 2006

Well, I wouldn't say control is overrated, quite the opposite, in fact.

Anyway, I find it harder and harder to NOT post feedback nowadays, no matter how boring and unoriginal the feedback may be.

Or maybe I just have too much energy. Regardless, I have to congratulate you. Day after day (or more accurately, update after update) your drawing improves. Perhaps it is only because of your recent decision of colouring the pages, but I like it nonetheless.

Great work, absolutely. Keep it up.

Reply Will-, 28th Jun 2006

No kidding. I went back and reread some of the earlier comics a few days ago and every chapter dwarfed it's predescesor.

The colored pages make it much easier to see the improvement too. Good stuff. :D

Reply ZexionSchemes (Guest), 29th Jun 2006

Yeah, they have improved lots. ^^

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