Chapter 4 - 146

29th Jun 2006

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Reply Enkida, 24th Jun 2006

Whoa there, Yu. Last pre-done page, and last day of vacation. This page was fun; I consider Yuffie in many ways just as socially incompetent as Vincent. Ah, why Nanaki puts up with them, we'll never know. ;-) Germany won its FIFA match while I was doing this page, hee hee! ;)

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Reply ZexionSchemes (Guest), 29th Jun 2006

Wow, Yuff. Don't be mean to the poor kitty. xD

Yay, Germany! hehe. x3

Reply Will-, 30th Jun 2006

Heh. To north cave!

Reply Enkida, 1st Jul 2006

It's not good! It's the default host template from Smackjeeves. I don't know why it reverted, but I'm glad I save my templates. ;-) Please go vote, the voting has been reset! :-)

Reply Catgirl-AnimeFreak (Guest), 1st Jul 2006

Reading Growth for the past 2 1/2 hours ... @x@ Growth is so most totally tubular to the max! (Sock it to me! >w<)

Reading it all at once, I can so see the art development over the past year!

You need to draw Cloud again. Not Tifa. Tifa can go take a hike. Her and her big boobs. It's not like I WANT big boobs. Maybe I like being flatchested! Did'ja think about that? Huh?! DID'JA?!

... *exagerrated sniffle*

(It's 1AM. I'm going to sleep now. =x=)

Reply Onikage (Guest), 2nd Jul 2006

Nicely done! I've been following the comic through thick and thin, and I gotta say I love it!
Good art, good dialogue, just about good everything!
My only tiny little complaint is, I actually kinda liked it better uncoloured. Not that the coulouring is bad, far from it! It's just that when it was in black and white it seemed more... visceral, y'know?
Anyhoo, by all means, keep up the superb work!!

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