Chapter 4 - 147

2nd Jul 2006

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Reply Enkida, 2nd Jul 2006

Secrets! Happy pre-emptive 4th of July to the USA! Germany gets to celebrate too, because we're advancing to the FIFA semi-finals. :) The incentive gallery has been updated, and there's a new incentive this week, so please go vote! I experimented with conte crayon highlights on top of the watercolours on this page. I think it does help define the dark hair and Vincent's clothes, but I haven't decided if it's really working anywhere else.

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Reply ZexionSchemes (Guest), 2nd Jul 2006

I think the colouring experiment looks nice. It does help Vincent's darkness, haha.

Woah, Yuffie's kinda creepy there... Hehe, fangs... Poor Vince.

Reply Will-, 2nd Jul 2006

What kinda secret? o.o

Personally, I hate the fourth, but that's just me. It's the one day a year when everyone's twenty times cockier, but I won't get into that. :D

Hmm, the coloring looks good on Vincent's hair, but I think everything else looked a little more natural the way it was.

I like the fangs. XD

Reply Tami (Guest), 4th Jul 2006

I think the conte highlights look fabulous - actually, the entire colouring scheme has pretty much just been fabulous. Did I mention I love Yuffie's outfit? LOVE YOUR OUTFIT, YUFFIE.

Reply KoShiatar (Guest), 4th Jul 2006

Where exactly are you living in Germany now? I´m in Frankfurt for working now!

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