Chapter 4 - 148

4th Jul 2006

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Reply Enkida, 2nd Jul 2006

Familiar Looking? Well, if you voted last week, you know what the "secret" on this page is. This was the third page I did in watercolours.

Sad news, Germany lost its match against Italy yesterday. You could hear the mourning even where I live, which is in Oerlinghausen (general area: Bielefeld). On the plus side, Zephie-chan is in the process of writing a fanfic about Yuffie's early crater days, based off of 'Growth.' Wow! I'm excited and very, very flattered by her offer, and will keep you all posted of the results. :-)

Oh yes, and Trombonefellow asked that I draw a picture of Aeris in a pose as provocative as Vincent's a few weeks ago. Which will be happening, as we made a deal. The things I do for your votes... ;-)

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User's Comments:

Reply Meilin Son (Guest), 4th Jul 2006

Congrats on the fanfic., I really love this comic you do an brilliant job keep it up!

Reply ZexionSchemes (Guest), 4th Jul 2006

Aww, so sorry for Germany. But voting will make it better, right? x3
Nice colouring still. I like the watercolours.

Reply sarafan, 5th Jul 2006

this is such a nice page. I love your colours!

Reply Nenya-higurashi (Guest), 5th Jul 2006

*_* oh! fantastic picture!
i love your art! *_*
ah! another chose.. sad news? XD hey! I'm from italy :P i'm so happy!

Reply Will-, 5th Jul 2006

Ah, materia, shoulda known. XD

I grew up near Rammstein, so I was rooting for Germany too. So I share in your bummed-ness. =/

Anyway, wow. This is my favourite of the pages you've colored. :D It looks real good. ^_^

Great page, keep it up. And grats on the fan-comic. Can't wait to read it. :D

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