Chapter 4 - 150

9th Jul 2006

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Reply Enkida, 7th Jul 2006

Defense Mechanism The incentive gallery has been updated, and there's a new incentive this week. Also, I think someone mentioned that I 'needed to draw Cloud' too... well, there will be a Cloudy Incentive in our forecast... but not this week. ;-)

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Reply sarafan, 9th Jul 2006


Reply Will-, 9th Jul 2006

Nice page, keep it up. :D

Reply Squinterian (Guest), 10th Jul 2006

I really love Yuffie's comments on this page. They make you wonder about all kinds of things. Great cliffhanger, too.

Reply Zexy (Guest), 10th Jul 2006

Hehe, you should do Sephiroth after Cloud, since all these characters keep being requested. xD

._. That last comments a tad creepy. xD "Some of the things up there can speak."

Reply Shadow Breeze, 10th Jul 2006

Yeah, put a nice color picture of Sephy in! A full-body pic, like you did for Yufie in this page.

And maybe Rufus Shinra, too?

Reply Jianre M. (Guest), 11th Jul 2006

Javascript Hey, Just a quick question... you said the page archive was done inn Javascript right? you wouldn't happen to know what sort of code to use to do that would you?? I'm working on setting up my own webcomic and I'm curious... <.<... >.>... thanks for any help you can give!!

P.S. I love your comic, Vincent is awsome, well drawn too. You on Gaia? if so Check out my guild and we can chat more... It's "JENOVA's Witnesses" ^.~

Reply Tami (Guest), 11th Jul 2006

Love Yuffie's grin in the second panel. And as ever, full-body Yuffie is massively hot.

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