Chapter 4 - 151

11th Jul 2006

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Reply Enkida, 11th Jul 2006

Dark Heart Wow, the comic's been hovering in the 40s at TWC pretty consistently, that's the best it's ever done! Thank you! And if it will ensure people continue to vote like this, I will also do a Sephiroth and a Rufus incentive later on. :-)

To the questions asked, the archive script is tailored especially to work with the Smackjeeves code, so I don't think it will transfer nicely unless you host your comic on SJ. Also, I'm not really a Gaia user, though I tried it out once and I think I still have an account there. Sorry!

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Reply Will-, 11th Jul 2006

Like an assassin? Oh nose.

Interesting stuff, it's funny hearing Yuffie sound all calm and serious after what happened a few pages ago.

And I really like the monster description. That almost makes me feel like my nightmarish experiences in north cave are justified. :D

Reply ZexionSchemes (Guest), 12th Jul 2006

x3 Last panel... Makes ya think what Yuffie really did in the past, hehe.

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