Chapter 4 - 152

13th Jul 2006

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Author's Comments:

Reply Enkida, 12th Jul 2006

Caught Off Guard! Ehm, not much to say. I'm pleased with the way Vincent's face turned out in the last panel.

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User's Comments:

Reply Teron, 13th Jul 2006


Reply Will-, 13th Jul 2006

Heh. :)

Reply Guest, 13th Jul 2006

nice one iv bin reading this comic since you first started, and i absoulutly love it =]
great art work and a brilliant story, genius =]
and keep it up

Reply Zexy (Guest), 13th Jul 2006

Yuffie, you're a nut. xD

Reply Sara Ceres (Guest), 14th Jul 2006

hehe I have been reading your comic for some time now. and I have to say I love it. specially how you make yuffie reaction toward vincent and other people.

Reply Naleh (Guest), 14th Jul 2006

I have days like that... <.< >.> what?

Reply Shadow Breeze, 14th Jul 2006

You must really like Yuffie.... Even I think she looks cute in the first and second boxes, and I don't even like her that much!

Reply misuzu, 14th Jul 2006

Gotta love that Yuffie. Vincent too. Good job you get a 5!

Reply bread4311, 14th Jul 2006

Just read through the Entire comic.

Astounding! Fantastic!

Never read something so intresting in my life, it's a shame 5 is the only thing I can give you.

Reply Stormy (Guest), 15th Jul 2006

hmm... I've been reading this comic ever since about the #50th instalment...I think...Anyway, I just want to say, Enkida, that the storyline and art are fantastic, and thus you deserve recognition for your art. Kudos to you! :3

Reply Tami (Guest), 15th Jul 2006

*happily catches up*

I love love love how you draw Yuffie - just love every moment she makes, because it's just so HER. And so is Vincent, magnificently. Love Yuffie's pained SMILE OF DISTRACTION in the last panel.

Reply melanie (Guest), 15th Jul 2006

yup im lovein it very good work i realy like the red13 portion he never get's good credit in fictions manga's doujinshis keep up ther good work!

Reply Hollandre Grey (Guest), 15th Jul 2006

Hmmm... I like what you're doing, mixing Yuffie's attitudes and Vincent's observations... It's just like reading the story again; visual, active, and intoxicating.

Reply Kobayashi RIku (Guest), 22nd Sep 2006

I really like that middle panel. it was very well done.

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