Chapter 8 - 362

28th Sep 2008

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Reply Enkida, 28th Sep 2008

Yarr. I haven't found a new place to host favicons yet. Anyone got suggestions? :)

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Reply andygoth, 28th Sep 2008

favicon hosting You may be able to embed the favicons directly in the page. Look at for an example. Yeah, it's not directly applicable, but it shows the concept. If you're interested, I'll do more research for you.

Reply Enkida, 28th Sep 2008

To Andy: Yes! As long as it doesn't create massive pageloading slowdowns. I don't see why it would though.

Reply Klebkatt (Guest), 28th Sep 2008

I like the page, but Cid's face looks weird, espcially in the chin area.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 29th Sep 2008

Next question, is Vincent a girl? XD

This reminds me when I used to watch Gundam Wing and one of my non-otaku cousins came by. She watched with me for a second and started laughing when she saw Zechs and Noin because the hair trend was reversed: he has flowing locks and her hair is quite short. Ohh, Japan. You do funny fashion things.

Reply andygoth, 29th Sep 2008

Embedded favicon This works in Firefox and many other browsers but not Internet Exploder:

<link rel="icon" type="image/FORMAT" href="" />

Replace FORMAT with the format, e.g. png. Replace DATA with the contents of the image encoded in base64. Note that base64 encoding expands the data by 33%, so compress the image as much as possible. I suggest using a tiny palette.

IE doesn't support the "data:" URI scheme (actually the IE8 betas do, but only for CSS); instead it uses MIME HTML. Setting up MIME HTML requires a significant and probably unwelcome change to the Web server configuration.

Reply TyranT (Guest), 29th Sep 2008

Short hair? @klebkatt-i think cid's chin is simply the culmination of too many ciggarettes and beers, plus just generally getting old. i'm guessing that by this point hes in his mid 40's? i don't remember how old he was during ff7 and how long after this story takes place.

Also, red seems to have a narrow point of view-many human males in ff7, including Reeve, Tseng, Hojo, Sephiroth and Vincent (despite these last three being slightly less/more than human) all have long hair, as do i IRL. Plenty of guys grow their hair long. Red needs to get out more :P

Reply Darrin (Guest), 29th Sep 2008

Hehe, cute page this time.
And welcome back Enkida :3

Reply Neph (Guest), 29th Sep 2008

Dress Designs I love them all! They're all so cool and stylish. My favorites are the woman tux (yeah!) and the one directly above it (it's so sheik and sophisticated!).

Red's being a bad influence on those youngsters, there, telling them confusing things like that. :D

Reply Venial (Guest), 29th Sep 2008

I absolutely love how you draw Nanaki! His tattoos are difficult to draw, too. The poor cubs are so confused, it's hilarious! Keep up the wonderful work!

Reply ServantofSHEVAL (Guest), 1st Oct 2008

example hair I love how Cid was randomly the example for human hair and not Cloud...

Reply Lee (Guest), 1st Oct 2008

:D Awww Cid hair! Like how draw them.

Reply ShylanHal (Guest), 2nd Oct 2008

Bwahaha! So Vincent and Yuffie are going to switch genders to the cubs? This'll be funny.

Reply andygoth, 5th Oct 2008

Freya! Fabulous incentive, thank you!

Heh, the name Freya always makes me think of Gottlob Frege, an important German philosopher. :^)

One question: why does her left foot has twice as many toes (claws) as her right foot?

Reply Yuffietine909 (Guest), 5th Oct 2008

wow wow this is an awesome page, but how is he going to exlain that Vince isn't a girl? BTW whats with the cid for normal guy hair? You could have used like... not cid, but i guess you cant use cloud, spikes and stuf...

Reply Enkida, 6th Oct 2008

Thanks for the comments! To answer some of AG's questions:

1) On Freya: perspective and angle of the foot. :)

2) I looked into your .ico solution and I'm not quite convinced it's optimal for anyone at this point. It has 3 big disadavantages:

a) have to download and operate a base64 encoder / decoder (yes, ultimately, the argument is "I'm lazy!")

b) no cross-browser format support - IE still has a huge part of the market and I have to wonder *what* people would see, if anything

and most importantly

c) if it creates huge file data, it slows the overall loading time of the page, and I think these pages are already loading pretty slowly, considered.

Thank you for trying, though, I do appreciate it. Next page addressing the "Vincent" question will be up soon. :)

Reply Devi (Guest), 6th Oct 2008

*giggles* I would say "adorably tomboyish"...

Reply Slayer (Guest), 11th Oct 2008

Wonderfull This is the best! :D It's not enough that I love ff7 most n I lead my own finnish ff7 rpg, but this inspire me more. And those cubs are the best...I wish this could continue daily with a new page but it's too hard to accomplish.

Reply Epic Chibi, 6th Nov 2008

funny question xD If you removed why she had for a chest yeah she could be a real girly looking boy xD. Fun page really ^^

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