Chapter 8 - 363

6th Oct 2008

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Reply Enkida, 6th Oct 2008

Sorry, Vincent... Incentive gallery is finally up to par, still working on the rest of it. Also, rating stars will hopefully make a reappearance sometime this week. ^^;

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Reply Enkida, 9th Oct 2008

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If you guys have a bit of spare money - any amount, even just 5 bucks - it's a good cause, and it personally affects me via one of my closest friends. So any help you can give her would be really, really appreciated. Plus, it's tax deductable for you Americans. So please click, and support this charity marathon fundraiser if you can!

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Reply MUDKIPZ (Guest), 6th Oct 2008



Reply andygoth, 6th Oct 2008

That's not actually Vincent's hair It's only a drawing of Vincent's hair.

Reply Rawr (Guest), 6th Oct 2008

Poor Red...

Reply S San (Guest), 6th Oct 2008

Lol Ah poor Red, the cub is asking all the hard questions ^^

Reply TyranT (Guest), 6th Oct 2008

Also Lol Oh man, i've forgotten how dense and equally curious the very young can be. God forbid this cub ever meet Heidegger ("What that stuff on his face?") or Cloud (Is your hair naturally like that or did you lose your toast and use a knife to get it out?)

and yes, vincents spooky, un-naturally soft, pale face reeealy doesn't help him either. (could be why he carries such a big gun...)

Reply andygoth, 7th Oct 2008

Back to Canada Yep, I'm going back, but only for a day! Wednesday I go to Alberta, Thursday I'm back in Texas.

Update: Actually it'll be two days :^) My trips always wind up getting extended.

Update #2: Make that three days, plus a day of travel. Oh well, I love it here. :^)

Reply DualDenz (Guest), 7th Oct 2008

wow! been reading the comic from the first page and i must say i'm impressed!
keep up the good work!

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 7th Oct 2008

Oh man Well, this is good training for when he decides to have babies of his own.

Reply Arianna, 7th Oct 2008

:D I Kinda Know What He Feels! Kids ask the darndest questions, don't they?! This weekend I was trying to explain that ponies do indeed poop and pee - and how they don't go to the bathroom! :D Poor Nanaki! Cute cubs! ~ Please keep Growth coming, alive and well, now that we've lost Sink... :(

Reply andygoth, 10th Oct 2008

Facebook I created a group on Facebook for fans of the comic. The group is called Growth. Everyone is welcome to join!

Reply TyranT (Guest), 14th Oct 2008

Sad News Art Engineer has discontinued his mangaization of Catalina's "sink to the bottom with you" after 16 chapters. I'm not sure how many of you followed it, but it was pretty good and even enkida gave kudos to it. I'm dissapointed to see it go, but on the positive side he's promised us something new, an original idea he's come up with. Plus, this might mean that people looking for good ff7 doujinshi will come upon this lovely little comic and be equally impressed as i am.

Reply Blue Tomoshibi, 19th Oct 2008

Whew Just caught myself up. I love this whole bit about peoples hair, its hilarious, Great work as always! ^^

Reply Sephalthos (Guest), 7th Nov 2008

Out of concern It has now been officially over a month since the comic has been updated, & I won't do any assuming, as to why it is, I just have to bring thought as to why it hasn't, not even a filler/explanation for this subject.

Pray everything is alright with you Enkida.

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