Chapter 4 - 155

20th Jul 2006

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Reply Enkida, 20th Jul 2006

Phew... Dreamhost is having Issues, so if you have trouble loading the comic, just wait a moment and try again. I'm glad you guys like the new colours, and please, if you do artwork inspired by this comic, send it to me so I can put it in the depressingly empty gallery! I'd love to see peoples' pictures! :) Come Monday, Cloud will be going away and Sephiroth and Jenova will be taking his place, so be sure to vote next week.

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User's Comments:

Reply Sarah (Guest), 20th Jul 2006

Great job on the artwork!

Reply Will-, 20th Jul 2006

I don't think we say this enough, you're story telling is so like VII's it's sometimes hard to tell the difference.

Great work. o_O

Reply Zexy (Guest), 20th Jul 2006

I love how you drew Vincent in this. He's gorgeous. ^^

Reply bread4311, 21st Jul 2006

the drawing have always been great, but the colour does add something more to them. nice one

Reply debbles, 21st Jul 2006

I love this comic, and I've been following it since day one.
But, I reaallyy miss the old black and whites.. :/

Reply Naleh (Guest), 21st Jul 2006

Wow, I like these crystals... and I love how you've drawn Vincent. He looks peaceful, especially in panel 2 ^_^

Reply Helen (Guest), 21st Jul 2006

WOW! Your art is SOOOO Kawaii (cute). I want to draw like you. Keep working!

Reply Stormy (Guest), 22nd Jul 2006

Be-a-utiful. <3 The artwork is getting better with each comic. (I wanna do some fanart now...:3)

Reply Will-, 22nd Jul 2006

Gah Not a fan of the new layout. o.o

Reply Zexy (Guest), 23rd Jul 2006

Ooh... Love Vincent in the top header... ^^

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