Chapter 4 - 156

23rd Jul 2006

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Reply Enkida, 20th Jul 2006

The Golden Mean Vincent gets a break, and I'm pleased with the way the colour finally looks. Thank you for all the comments! So far there've been two opposite reactions to the new layout. The old was was very badly coded and creating a lot of scroll when lots of people commented, which is why it had to go. This one is not necessarily final, though - let me know what you like / don't like and I will see what I can do. Be specific please!

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User's Comments:

Reply Helen (Guest), 23rd Jul 2006

AH! God! Your layout is different! (Didn't see it coming) Anyway... Your comic is Awsome!

Reply Amber (Guest), 23rd Jul 2006

Hmm! I'm not sure if I like the new layout! I like being able to see almost the entire comic instead of scrolling T__T

Reply Will-, 23rd Jul 2006

The reason I don't like the new comic is that I prefer seeing the whole comic without scrolling.
I'm on Mozilla Firefox and my desktop resolution is usually 1280x800. Where it is now shows about 2/3 ~ 3/4s ish of the comic.

Is this a chapter cover or is it just so tranquil he has to pose and announce it? XD
Anyway, nice page. :D

Reply Enkida, 24th Jul 2006

Alright, let's see how this one works out. ;-) long links should no longer break the page *quite as badly* as before. At the least, it won't mess up the comic.

To answer, this is just a transitional page. I have a little surprise in store for you guys on Wednesday.

Also, check out the link page, there's another great FF7 doujin out there based of off Catalina's fanfiction 'Sink to the Bottom with You'... puts me to shame, really. :)

Reply bread4311, 24th Jul 2006

Vincents smile is so rare, even in drawings it is great to see. nice one, and I like the colouring too

Reply Amber (Guest), 24th Jul 2006

Better Much better theres only half an inch i have to scroll on my resolution, and for others I bet its much better too. It's still the perfect Comic though ;D

Reply Kuba (Guest), 24th Jul 2006

Tranquility, that is what Cosmo Canyon is all about... I am glad Vincent realizes that.

Reply naleh (Guest), 24th Jul 2006

Lovely job on Vincent. and I love the incentive, hey look everyone it's Sephie....and his mother's head... ^_^0

Reply Stormy (Guest), 25th Jul 2006

Um... I think there's something wrong with this new layout. I'm getting the words of the commentary in a vertical line.


Is that supposed to happen? O.o

Reply Enkida, 25th Jul 2006

Troubleshooting hmm. No... it was only happening in Internet Explorer. And, it shouldn't anymore. Report any more problems to me, otherwise enjoy! :)

Reply Zexy (Guest), 29th Jul 2006

I love it, Vincent's smiling. He looks sooo gorgeous in this page. Love it, love it!

Reply Akillian (Guest), 29th Aug 2006

Fluffy hair of random DOOM!!

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 25th Oct 2006

Awww I looooooove Vinny in here! :D Vinny-poo I love you! <3

Reply Rikki (Guest), 25th Feb 2008

Wow...that is beautiful...and Vincent looks smexy...*Drools*

Reply Kalid909, 9th Nov 2008

Oh... Wow; I love this page... 0_0

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