Chapter 4 - 157

25th Jul 2006

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Reply Enkida, 21st Jul 2006

Not always smiling Remember that surprise I mentioned? Well, you might have noticed by now that I'm not following the story all that closely at times. There were some parts that I wanted to flesh out a little more, and this is one of them. So hope you guys enjoy the expanded story easter egg for the next week, week and a half. :-)

About Friday's page being delayed - it won't be. Monday's page might be delayed, though, check the comic for details later.

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User's Comments:

Reply bread4311, 25th Jul 2006

Hey, I'm all for Extra Detail! keep it coming!

Reply Will-, 25th Jul 2006

Awwww. ='(

Reply Zephie-chan (Guest), 26th Jul 2006

Awesomeness This is possibly one of my most favorite of your pages. Not only do I like her expression in panel two, but she calls herself "Yu". Priceless (to me).

Reply NenyaHigurashi (Guest), 26th Jul 2006

T_T.... Yuffie.... awwwwww.... i love this page...

Reply Helen (Guest), 26th Jul 2006

Awww Poor Yuff! Wanted to talk to Vinnie. Now she thinks she messed up.

Reply Dave (Guest), 27th Jul 2006

Brilliant! I am very impressed by the level of detail on the latest pages, especially the colors. Keep it up!

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