Chapter 4 - 158

27th Jul 2006

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Reply Enkida, 25th Jul 2006

Self-Help About the Monday delay - my new computer parts finally arrived in the mail, so I'll be spending the next few days building / installing OS and software on it. Hopefully this won't upset the comic mojo, but if you've tried installing Windows on a brand new computer before, you know what I'm talking about. You can visit Nescience or Ikebana if you need a comic fix, both sites recently got a new page.

The galleries have also been majorly updated. Next week's incentive will be featuring a few Turks. :)

Also, those of you browsing in IE will notice that the pages should display properly now, EXCEPT for the gallery. I haven't had a chance to bugfix that yet because of the little disassembled computer problem keeping me from getting access to my FTP. But it will be fixed soon. :-)

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User's Comments:

Reply Will-, 27th Jul 2006

You make no sense Enkida.
If you're making your own computer anyway why are you putting windows on it? D:

Reply Twin, 28th Jul 2006

Awesome. Just...

So awesome.

Reply Nenya-Hiurashi (Guest), 28th Jul 2006

I love your doujinshi!
ehm.. can i ask you one thing? can i translate you fanfiction in italian? ^^'''

Reply Helen (Guest), 28th Jul 2006

Heya is the things name? Or a way of saying Hi

Reply Stormy (Guest), 29th Jul 2006

:) Everything's working fine now! Thanks Enkida- I can actually read the commentary now. ^-^

The comic looks fantastic! Yuffie looks so cute in the third panel. =)

Reply Zexy (Guest), 29th Jul 2006

Aww, poor Yuffie.

Reply Andy (Guest), 29th Jul 2006

Love this comic. Although I did prefer it in black-and-white. Anyway, good job thus far! :)

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